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Platform Events


This is an experimental feature and currently only available upon request. Details and mechanisms for this feature can change at any moment.

It is possible to receive events from within our platform, allowing you to get more insight into which actions it performing. You could log these for your own purposes.

At the time of writing this is an experimental feature that we are testing with a few clients. There is no publicly available endpoint that allows to you automatically sign up to our event stream. But you can request access to it via the usual support channels.


After you have requested access to the event stream, it can be accessed through a RabbitMQ connection, using the AMQP protocol. There are libraries available for many programming languages. Statistical panels and mechanisms like Logstash also have easy means to connect to a RMQ event or message stream.

Event structure

All events are provided via the stream as JSON objects with at least the following properties:

  • level
  • service
  • group
  • code
  • message
  • @timestamp
  • parameters

Example Structure

  "userId" : 174085,
  "level" : "info",
  "service" : "ha-application-instance-manager",
  "group" : "AIM",
  "code" : "AIMDestroy",
  "message" : "Application instance delete.",
  "@timestamp" : "2020-02-05T19:16:23.128Z",
  "parameters" : {
    "applicationName" : "test",
    "applicationId" : 282888204204416978,
    "deploymentEnvironmentName" : "depenv-testI3D-31-39e57d3b-0dc5-4615-a46a-7cf93ad7b7e8",
    "fleetName" : "fleet--39e57d3b-0dc5-4615-a46a-7cf93ad7b7e8",
    "installId" : 13281,
    "regionName" : "i3d-us-east-1-39e57d3b-0dc5-4615-a46a-7cf93ad7b7e8",
    "dcLocationId" : 1,
    "dcLocationName" : "Ashburn - VA",
    "applicationBuildName" : "appbuild-testI3D-31-39e57d3b-0dc5-4615-a46a-7cf93ad7b7e8",
    "applicationBuildId" : 8029997744897942721,
    "regionId" : 9126781268035892791,
    "applicationInstanceId" : 8762708736248342380,
    "deploymentEnvironmentId" : 4276611139388342629,
    "fleetId" : 8817355271013717608,
    "hostId" : 93005,
    "status" : 0
  "label" : [ ],
  "stracktrace" : ""

Event Groups and Types

There are several event groups and event types. The ones described below are not exhaustive - existing ones can change and more will be added:

Application Instance Management

Group: AIM

Event Name Description
AIMCreate A [platform generated] command to create a new Application Instance
AIMDeployed An Application Instance has been deployed (installed, but not yet running)
AIMStarted An Application Instance has [been] started
AIMStopped An Application Instance has [been] stopped
AIMDestroy An Application Instance has been destroyed

VM Management

Group: VMM

Event Name Description
VmCreated A VM has been created
VmDestroyed A VM has been destroyed
VmStarted A VM has been started
VmStopped A VM has been stopped


Group: Arcus

Event Name Description
ArcusError Errors encountered by Arcus (our instance management protocol)


Events pushed through this system have a TTL of 2 hours. If you do not consume messages within 2 hours after being published, they will be purged.