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The DcLocation element represents a data center in a certain location. This can be an data center or one of a cloud provider. The latter parties often refer to this as a region, but really these are simply data centers with a varying degree of redundancy in the form of availability zones.


The DcLocation element is used throughout your DeploymentProfile, or more specifically DeploymentRegions and DeploymentContainerLocations, where you can specify in which data center you want to deploy your applications.

Element structure

Property Value type Required Description
id string Read-only Unique identifier of this element
continentId int Read-only 1: Africa
2: Antarctica
3: Asia
4: Australia
5: Europe
6: Middle East
7: North America
8: South America
country string Read-only Name of the country the DC is located in
displayName string Read-only Name of the city the DC is located in
providerId int Read-only 1:
27: AWS
31: GCP
availabilityZones [string] Read-only Provider availability zones for a data center (where available)
regionName string Read-only Provider region name
Table 1: DcLocation element structure


Below you will find some example DcLocation elements along with explanations.

HTTP request

GET /v3/cloud/dcLocation

Response body

    ... snipped ...
        "id": 6,
        "continentId": 5,
        "country": "Netherlands",
        "displayName": "Rotterdam",
        "providerId": 1,
        "availabilityZones": [],
        "regionName": ""
    ... snipped ...
        "id": 29,
        "continentId": 5,
        "country": "Germany",
        "displayName": "Frankfurt",
        "providerId": 27,
        "availabilityZones": [
        "regionName": "eu-central-1"
    ... snipped ...
        "id": 64,
        "continentId": 7,
        "country": "Canada",
        "displayName": "Montreal",
        "providerId": 31,
        "availabilityZones": [
        "regionName": "northamerica-northeast1"
    ... snipped ...

The first entry with ID 6 represents an data center (providerId = 1).
It is located in Europe (continentId = 5), in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
It has no availability zones and no region name. These are only populated for cloud locations. This is an data center.

The second entry with ID 29 represents an AWS data center (providerId = 27).
It is located in Europe (continentId = 5), in Frankfurt, Germany.
It has 3 availability zones and its region name is the official AWS region "eu-central-1".

The third entry with ID 64 represents a GCP data center (providerId = 31).
It is located in North America (continentId = 7), in Montreal, Canada.
It has 3 availability zones and its region name is the official GCP region "northamerica-northeast1".

Availability zones

You cannot configure / specify availability zones in your DeploymentProfile. The platform will create VMs in a round-robin fashion to spread your VMs over all available availability zones automatically.