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Performance Hosting
Low latency is our mission

As game sector veterans, we know what it takes for a network to withstand heavy demands. We’re dedicated to providing the lowest latency possible to users around the world.

It doesn't stop at games

The world’s fastest sports cars use innovations developed for Formula 1. Likewise, our game-busting infrastructure supports specialized enterprise solutions that drive diverse industries to win at business.

23+ Tbps

Real-Time Network Capacity

60+ Locations

On 6 Continents

100+ IXPs

Unique Direct Connections

9000+ Peers

Unique Direct Connections

It's all connected

Our ever-expanding network has points of presence around the world. From Madrid to Mumbai, Amsterdam to Seattle, LA to Tokyo, and everything in between. (If Atlantis was real, we’d be there too.)

➜ Download Global PoP Map

Explore our global low latency network

Explore our network’s performance by choosing a location from our comprehensive list as your starting point on the map. Instantly, you’ll visualize the average latency from your selected origin to all connected destinations worldwide, empowering you to make informed decisions about our low-latency network’s exceptional performance and its potential to meet your global connectivity needs.

Don't take our word for it

See what our customers have to say.

Discord logo in black

“Because Discord is growing so fast, we have to anticipate quickly and creatively to provide the best growth plan for the short term and the long term. This requires an agile organization like to be there along every step of Discord’s journey.”

– Mark Smith, Director of Infrastructure at Discord

Massive Entertainment logo in black

“We were very confident in’s ability to provide a good experience for players. We wanted to ensure that the maximum number of people were using servers so we only had to burst into the cloud when absolutely necessary.”

– Jan Harasym, Online Infrastructure Engineer at Massive Entertainment

Psyonix customer logo

“Psyonix was able to assure a stable, high-performance connection even in regions where connectivity is notoriously fractured. “So, I’m happy that you guys exist for that reason” laughs Jesse. “I think that is the way to go in delivering on that.”

– Brian Jesse, Server Engineer at Psyonix

Some key solution ingredients

Combine from our complete suite of products for a solution tailored to your needs.

Bare Metal servers

Secure your growing hosting needs from downtime and latency with our dedicated server options.


Reduce the download times for your content by distributing it across our global Content Delivery Network.


Protect yourself from the mounting threat of DDoS attacks using our unique in-house built tools.

Bare Metal Cloud

Superior performance of a dedicated bare metal server, but with the flexibility of the cloud.

Game Hosting Platform

Player numbers can be hard to predict. Find a flexible option with the ONE Platform, our hybrid solution of bare metal and multi-cloud scaling.

Serve your everyday traffic needs on a fixed base of reliable, cost-efficient bare metal servers. And for those peak moments? Assign your overcapacity to burst into multiple cloud accounts of your choice, including GCP, AWS, and Azure.

Game Hosting provides online business solutions for worldwide game studios and enterprise customers.

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Get in touch with our experts

From entire game hosting packages, to questions about a single network PoP, we are always available to give you a hand.

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