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Deployment Templates

A deployment template defines which applications to deploy for a Fleet.

This section of the documentation elaborates on deployment template elements for game server builds, utilities and dependencency installers.


The GameDeploymentTemplate indicates which [game server] ApplicationBuilds you want to have deployed within a Fleet.

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The UtilityDeploymentTemplate indicates which utility / utilities you want to deploy onto each host (bare metal or VM). A utility, also known as a sidecar, is always deployed once per host. You can indicate whether a utility should be deployed only on bare metal servers or virtual machines, or both.

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The DependencyDeploymentTemplate enables you to provide scripts that install dependencies onto a Host that are required by your Application(s) to run properly. Besides an installer script, you must also define an un-installer script to remove the dependencies and to allow clean up of a Host after removing all applications running on it.

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