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If an Application uses configuration files (e.g. setup.cfg), then these can be submitted and assigned to an ApplicationBuild in the form of ApplicationBuildConfiguration elements. Each of these elements represent a configuration file. An ApplicationBuild can have zero or more ApplicationBuildConfiguration elements.

Element structure

Property Value type Required Description
id string Read-only Unique identifier of this element
configPath string Yes A path relative to the root of an application
configName string Yes The name of the configuration file
configContents string Yes The contents of the configuration file
createdAt int Read-only A unix timestamp of when this element was created
Table 1: ApplicationBuildConfiguration element structure

Note about configPath

The configPath property defines in which folder to store the configuration file. The folder is always relative to the root (working directory) of the deployed ApplicationInstance's folder on the Host.

  • if the folder does not exist, it will be created
  • if configPath is /, \ or ., it will be translated to point to the ApplicationInstance's working directory


See also: Application element relations


You can have any number of ApplicationBuildConfiguration elements assigned to an ApplicationBuild. There is no limit.