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Welcome to the ONE Documentation!

This documentation is primarily aimed at people who want to get to know the ONE Game Hosting platform. Developers can learn more about the inner workings of the platform and learn how to communicate with its API in order to automate deployment related processes. The documentation has been structured in a top-down manner, first explaining the processes of the platform and then diving deeper into individual API elements, describing their structure and how to use the API in order to create and modify those elements.

Quick Start

Looking for a simple explanation on how to deploy game servers? Have a look at the Quick Start

Game Hosting Documentation

The ONE Game Hosting service can be used by game publishers to dynamically deploy their game servers all over the world, using our bare metal servers, flex metal servers and cloud VMs.

To gain a good understanding of how the platform works, it is advised to read at least the Game Hosting Processes and Game Hosting Elements chapters.