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We provide support for Arcusv2. Any previous versions of Arcus are no longer supported by Development.

To use the protocol and fetch information or send requests to a game server, you need to open a TCP connection. The first thing you need to send is the Initialization packet (link to Initialization structure) the server will accept the Initialization or deny it. When it's denied, the server closes the connection. When the server accepts the Initialization it will reply with an "Acknowledged" packet.

You are now ready to communicate with the game server. When you send an instruction to the game server it will respond with a Not implemented packet or an Acknowledged packet to indicate what is going on.

When you request information such as Server information you will not receive an Acknowledged packet but just a packet with the response.


Keep in mind that you need to implement all the features if a feature does not apply to your game you need to send Unknown packet to make sure there is always a response.

Missing a feature?

Does your game require a feature that we don't currently support? Please contact us so we can see if we can help with the feature you require.


Each packet contains a version byte in its headers. This byte will be used in case the packet structure will change in the future. By default this value is 1.

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