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The DeploymentEnvironment is the topmost element in the deployment configuration hierarchy. It is normally used to reflect a title (game) that you host on our platform, split up into e.g. development, testing and production environments.


Figure 1: DeploymentEnvironment's place in the Deployment Configuration


Our recommendation is to create an environment per title. Additionally, separating your live environment from any development environments is advised so changes and experiments done for development purposes in a development environment won't affect your live environment.

Within a DeploymentEnvironment you can create multiple Fleets, in case you want to separate e.g. different platforms like PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, etc.

Element structure

Property Value type Required Description
id string Read-only Unique identifier of this element
name string Yes Name of the deployment environment
createdAt int Read-only A unix timestamp of when this element was created
Table 1: DeploymentEnvironment element structure

API example

Create a new DeploymentEnvironment within your account.

Full API reference

HTTP request

POST /v3/deploymentEnvironment

Request body

  "name": "Bluewolf"

Response body

    "id": "173892217340309897",
    "name": "Bluewolf",
    "createdAt": 1568312996