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The DeploymentContainerLocation element defines a cloud (dc) location to burst towards when your bare metal pool runs dry.

Figure 1: Highlighting where the DeploymentContainerLocation elements belong in the overview.


Element structure

Property Value type Required Description
id string Read-only Unique identifier of this element
cloudProviderId int Yes The cloud provider ID of this location
dcLocationId int Yes The dcLocation ID (see /cloud/dcLocation)
primaryInstanceTypeName string Yes The primary instance type to use
secondaryInstanceTypeName string No The secondary instance type to use
cpuPlatform string No The CPU platform to use for the given cloudProviderId. Get all possible values from /cloud/cpuPlatform. Note that this selector is currently only required for the GCP cloud platform)
markedForDeletion boolean Read-only If set to true, the platform will gracefully remove all game servers and VMs in this cloud location. Afterwards this cloud location will really be deleted
Table 1: DeploymentContainerLocation element structure

API example

DeploymentContainerLocation elements are not created separately, but are always created and updated inside the DeploymentRegion element inside the containers property, as children of the DeploymentContainer elements.