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A Host represent a machine with an operating system, be it a physical - bare metal - machine, or a virtual machine.

Degraded host

If a host is failing due to hardware problems, its category will be set to Broken. Our platform will no longer use this host, until its category has been reverted to the original value, e.g. Dedicated Game Server, after it is mended. Do not confuse the wording "Dedicated Game Server" with an application instance (e.g. a deployed Game Server).

Reserving a Host for a Fleet

See Reserving a Host for a Fleet.

Element structure

Property Value type Required Description
id int Read-only Unique identifier of this element
serverId int Read-only Identifier of the physical or virtual machine (internal Id)
serverName string Read-only Name of the physical or virtual machine (internal name)
isVirtual int Read-only 0) a bare metal machine, 1) a virtual machine
category string Read-only Host category. Normally "Dedicated Game Servers" or "Dedicated Servers", but can be "Broken" if the server is in a degraded state.
locationId int Read-only Legacy location Id (not used for ODP)
dcLocationId int Read-only Data center location Id. Points to one of /v3/cloud/dcLocation
fleetId string Read-only The ODP fleet ID, if this host has been assigned to a fleet
fleetAssociatedSince int Read-only Unix timestamp of the last Fleet association
dateStart string Read-only The date at which this host was assigned to your account
dateEnd string Read-only The date at which this host will expire
dateCancelled string Read-only The date at which this host was cancelled
dateEndContract string Read-only The date at which the contract ends (applicable only if a contract has been signed)
contractPeriod int Read-only The contract period in months
extendPeriod int Read-only The service extend period in months
purchaseOrder string Read-only Purchase order, if one has been supplied via our billing department
paymentTerm int Read-only The payment term in days (how many days are invoices generated before dateEnd)
ipAddress [HostIp] Read-only All IP addresses assigned to this host. Note that the public IP address of a VM is also listed, even though it is assigned via NAT and not actually allocated on the host itself.
numCpu int Read-only Number of CPUs in this host
cpuInfo string Read-only CPU Type, Family, Model and Stepping information
cpuType string Read-only CPU type. e.g. "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 @ 3.20GHz"
cpuLoad int Read-only CPU load
cpu [HostCpu] Read-only CPU details
disk [HostDisk] Read-only Disk drive details
memory [HostMemory] Read-only Memory details
isReserve int Read-only Indicates whether this host has been reserved for a fleet. This value can only be 1 if a fleetId is provided as well. You can set this property via PUT /v3/fleet/{fleetId}/host/{hostId}/reserve
labels [Label] No Collection of client-defined labels
isODP int Read-only If 1, this host has been assigned for use by the Game Hosting Platform and can be used for game deployment
Table 1: Host element structure

API example

List all your Hosts.

Full API reference

HTTP request

GET /v3/host

Response body

        "id": 42297,
        "serverId": 16514,
        "serverName": "Server 10309",
        "isVirtual": 0,
        "category": "Dedicated Game Servers",
        "osId": 151,
        "locationId": 18,
        "dcLocationId": 6,
        "fleetId": "0",
        "dateStart": "2016-02-16",
        "dateEnd": "2021-04-01",
        "dateCancelled": "2018-08-07",
        "dateEndContract": "2021-04-01",
        "contractPeriod": 1,
        "extendPeriod": 1,
        "purchaseOrder": "",
        "paymentTerm": 30,
        "ipAddress": [
                "ipAddress": "",
                "version": 4,
                "type": 1,
                "private": 0
                "ipAddress": "",
                "version": 4,
                "type": 2,
                "private": 1
                "ipAddress": "2a00:1630:2:1606::",
                "version": 6,
                "type": 1,
                "private": 0
        "numCpu": 1,
        "cpuInfo": "Type 0, Family 6, Model 42, Stepping 7",
        "cpuType": "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 v6 @ 3.80GHz",
        "cpuLoad": 0,
        "disk": [
                "diskType": "ATA Disk",
                "diskMedium": "hdd",
                "model": "Western Digital RE4",
                "product": "WDC WD1003FBYX-18Y7B0",
                "diskSerial": "WD-WCAW32130431",
                "firmwareVersion": "01.01V02",
                "rotationRate": 7200,
                "sectorSizeLogical": 512,
                "sectorSizePhysical": 512,
                "size": 931000000000
        "memory": [
                "brand": "01980000002C",
                "model": "9965669-033.A00G",
                "size": 17179869184,
                "speed": 2400,
                "ecc": 1,
                "memoryBank": 0,
                "memoryType": "DIMM DDR4 2400 MHz Synchronous, Unbuffered (Unregistered), ECC",
                "memorySlot": "A1",
                "memorySerial": "EE203736"
                "brand": "0198000000AD",
                "model": "9965669-026.A00G",
                "size": 17179869184,
                "speed": 2133,
                "ecc": 1,
                "memoryBank": 1,
                "memoryType": "DIMM DDR4 2133 MHz Synchronous, Unbuffered (Unregistered), ECC",
                "memorySlot": "A2",
                "memorySerial": "E73C5BC0"
        "isReserve": 0,
        "labels": []