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A trusted partner for over 4,000 international customers and one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

From start up to fastest growing international managed hosting provider

Since the company was founded, has gone through many transitions. Our company grew from a small internet service company to the global managed hosting provider it is today. This timeline depicts not only our highlights in the past, but gives an insight in our roadmap.


Since the beginning of, the company has reinvented itself many times. Staying ahead of customer demand. Getting new insights on market needs through close contact with it's customers and by attracting new employees with specialist knowledge. Opening new locations and services every year.

2018 - 2019: Opening office in USA and launching Multi Cloud Scaling

In 2018 we launched new innovative services and features like our Multi-cloud Scale platform ONE™ and our revolutionary award winning Anti-DDoS solution. These innovations were co-created in with our the customers - tech partner and product development team. Last but not least we opened an office in Pasadena, USA, to get closer to our American customers and more easily offer 24x7 support to all our customers. Our roadmap includes constinuously expanding our global platfrom to keep ahead of market needs. That's why we are preparing new pops in Shanghai, Seattle and Buenos Aires. 

2016 - 2017: Global expansion and moving into a new office

From 2016 on we lay the foundation to support the growth ambition of our customers further. By opening new locations in Dubai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Moscow and Singapore. We also expand our staff with new collegues with specialized knowledge and experience and moved the office to a much larger and professional location in Capelle aan den IJssel to house the ongoing number of employees.

2013 - 2015: Diversification of customers and global expansion

The customer base increased to the point that became the biggest game server provider in the Benelux and the number of Enterprise customers doubled. Also the number of services we deliver to our customers grew. A good example is the number of game titles that publishers EA, ID Software and Square Enix trusted to manage and host such as FIFA, Battlefield and Quake. In 2013 ranks 30th in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 and lands an 181st position in the Deloitte’s Technology fast 500 EMEA as one of the fastest growing tech companies. We also rank 3rd in the FD-gazellen awards for the Dutch regions Zuid-Holland and Zeeland. Since 2014 we have our own dark fibers running towards Amsterdam allowing us to scale up to an additional 400 Gbit capacity without the interference of any supplier. In 2015 our game publisher dashboard undergoes a big development sprint to provide the game publishers with the latest technology and data for new hosted titles like Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed 16 and Tom Clancy's The Division. The total amount of physical servers reached the 11,000 spread across 16 locations worldwide. With new locations in São Paulo, Heerlen and Dallas.

2009 - 2012: Building an own datacenter

The game industry market desired low latency, high performance and fast delivery times. In this periode invested in becoming this specialized high performance managed hosting provider. Also because of the company growth was looking at the possibilities to open its own datacenter. The collaboration with datacenter specialist Richard Boogaard resulted in opening Smartdc in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam; The Netherlands. Which is now the largest datacenter in the region of Rotterdam, From this time on was every year stated in the Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50.  We won the FD-gazellen award for the regions Zuid-Holland and Zeeland in The Netherlands in 2012. Besides this Stijn started, together with his American business partner MyinternetServices, the company Gameblocks. Gameblocks hired a lot of brilliant programmers from the terminated game publisher THQ to make innovative software like the anti-cheat software FairFight. FairFight has become the standard anti-cheat software in online AAA games. 

2004 - 2008: Launched game hosting solutions to publishers grew in the number of customers and employees and opened up an office in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Offering servers containing webhosting, mail services and game servers. also started to offer game servers to a wider audience from its new website. The single game server quickly changed into multiple game servers. These game servers turned out to become quite popular.  This resulted in 2005 to the point that was the biggest game server provider in the Benelux. To the notice of big game publishers like EA who asked to start Manage Hosting their game titels. In this period we opend new locations in Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sydney and Los Angeles. In 2004 our Chief Technical Officer started, Stefan Idler followed in 2005 by one of our biggest customers, Rick Sloot,  joint which became our current Chief of Operations.

2002 - 2003: The start of

In 2002 Stijn Koster started at the age eighteen, the abbreviation stood for Innovative Information Internet Services. The company provided CMS, web design and hosting for companies. During the first two years, Stijn divided his time between his studies and the company. 

Management Team

The management team of operates under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer of, Stijn Koster, and is responsible for's overall business and affairs.

Stijn Koster CEO
Stefan Ideler CTO
Rick Sloot COO
Ieske Schilperoord CFO
Marco Boomsma CCO

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