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As game sector veterans, we convert our game hosting innovations into scalable tools for Enterprise and IT. Since 2013 we're supporting industries like logistics, healthcare, and WebRTC-based services with our premium infrastructure originally built for gaming.

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Gaming Industry

  • In online gaming, every millisecond counts. Create the best gaming environment for your player base with our ultra-low latency infrastructure and multi-cloud scaling game deployment platform and a team of experts at your fingertips. Read more
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    Infrastructure for Enterprise IT

  • Your business deserves the best. Like the car manufacturers behind Formula 1's fastest vehicles who designed road cars with racetrack innovations, we translate our expertly-developed gaming technology into solutions for enterprises and industries looking for a premium, engineered hosting infrastructure. Read more
  • WebRTC Hosting

  • Create immersive online experiences and bring communities together. With our heavily peered global network, 24/7 expert support, and consistent infrastructure across the globe, we provide a robust infrastructure for the foundation of your community. Read more
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    Whether you need to host a game, a strong WebRTC connection, or just a solid IT infrastructure, talk to our experts for tailor-made advice.

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    Network Products

  •’s premium network consists of multiple Tier 1 providers and the largest internet exchanges in the world, ensuring ultra low– latency and high performance.​ Read more