Bare Metal Servers

Freedom from downtime and latency with our dedicated bare metal servers. Boost your IT performance anywhere in the world with our AAA hardware that ensures reliability and up to 99.9999% uptime. 

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High-performance dedicated servers

Speed matters. Whether you’re a logistics company looking to streamline your software or an e-commerce site where 1/10th of a second can make or break a sale. Your choice of hosting solution can be one of your most important business decisions.  

By choosing to host on our bare metal servers, you take full control of your hosting requirements. As a single tenant on our high-performance machines, you set your parameters, protect your data, and plan for your future growth. No noisy neighbors and ample storage guarantees a reliable and constant high-speed connection. 

Dedicated to gaming

Finding the right hosting solution is crucial in the fast-paced online game industry where low-latency and game design equally impact your players’ experience. At, game hosting has been our bread and butter since 2004. Our bare metal servers have hosted some of the world’s biggest AAA titles, ensuring low latency and anti-DDoS protection. 

Just as Formula 1 race track innovations find their way into road car designs, we imbue the gaming technology developed by our experts into the enterprise solutions you use every day.

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Learn more about our bare metal server types, technical specifications, and combinations with other products.

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Key features

We designed our network infrastructure to withstand critical applications that require global coverage, low latency, and high bandwidth. 

Ultra-low latency network

We integrate your bare metal servers into our premium global network for optimal results. Find out more about our network.

Global deployment

With over 40 locations worldwide, we can deploy standardized server configurations wherever you need it. Find out all about our locations here.

Full control

Our API endpoints enable you to automate everything, including ordering, managing and monitoring your bare metal server. See our API documentation for more info.

AAA quality machines

We offer a standardized set of server configurations worldwide. Whether you need it by the hour or for a longer period, we've got you covered.

Single processor

Powerful single socket machines for general workloads.

Dual processor

Dual socket servers for high-performance computing and enterprise-class applications.

Commitment terms

From long-term capacity to temporarily scalable volumes, you have versatile options with our bare metal servers and bare metal cloud solutions.

Additional benefits

Rapid global deployment

Our fully automated and configurable deployment system allows for efficient and optimal game server build distribution throughout’s global network.

No noisy neighbors

We reserve resources for you. This ensures that the required capacity is always available. 


For intensive network and bandwidth needs, dedicated servers are the long-term powerful choice. 

24/7 SLA & support

We keep your critical business applications online with our follow-the-sun support system and competitive service level agreements.

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