50% reduced latency & robust DDoS protection for Hi-Rez

Divine Knockout’s popularity necessitates top-notch network infrastructure

Hi-Rez’s latest game offering, Divine Knockout is a popular PvP multiplayer game after other successful games such as SMITE, Paladins and Rogue Company. In Divine Knockout, players compete in 3v3 matches, each with unique abilities and powers, to defeat the opposing team. With players often connecting to friends and teammates outside their regions, Hi-Rez had to work with a network that performs well globally, not just in established markets such as North America and Europe.

The Latin American (LATAM) region, in particular, was a challenging area where high latency was a cause for concern for gamers. Divine Knockout has garnered a dedicated fanbase, and it’s important for Hi-Rez Studios to provide top-quality network infrastructure to ensure that players have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. That’s where i3D.net comes in, providing the necessary infrastructure to support Divine Knockout and its player base.

“i3D.net’s infrastructure has reduced latency by an average of 50%. Users have seen a drop of up to 55ms in ping, particularly in the LATAM region."

Darryl Lister, Head of Services and Customer Success, Hi-Rez Studios

Reduction in latency by 50%, reduced costs and more with i3D.net

Hi-Rez Studios needed top quality network infrastructure that could deliver low-latency connections globally, high-speed data transfers and minimal downtime. This is especially important in a game like Divine Knockout, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between victory and defeat. That’s where i3D.net comes in. As a provider of hosting and network solutions for the gaming industry, i3D.net has the expertise and infrastructure needed to support games like Divine Knockout. By partnering with i3D.net, Hi-Rez Studios can ensure that its players have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, free from the frustration of lag, dropped connections, or other network issues. Hi-Rez is currently using i3D.net’s Bare Metal servers and the Anti-DDoS solution.

The studio has observed a 30-55ms decrease in latency — that amounts to an average 50% decrease — as a result of the partnership with i3D.net. With this improvement, Hi-Rez’s gaming community has witnessed a significant increase in overall satisfaction and customer experience.

“We have found i3D.net to be a great partner who has provided servers at a reasonable cost while still being very responsive, reliable, and overall great to work with for Hi-Rez and RallyHere.”

Phil Collins, CTO, Hi-Rez Studios

Powering the RallyHere live-ops platform

RallyHere is an end-to-end live services platform for multiplayer, multiplatform games. It was built for Hi-Rez’s game and is now available for other game studios. With the ability to facilitate cross-platform play — a growing need of the modern gamer — and a large load of concurrent users (CCU), the platform requires reliable network and game instance infrastructure in order to function properly. RallyHere can help gaming studios save on costs and allow for a seamless player experience by scaling compute resources up or down depending on current player load.

The RallyHere platform benefits from i3D.net’s network infrastructure as well, considering cross-platform play and a variable CCU add more complications to running a multiplayer title, which requires reliable network infrastructure to perform at the best of its ability. i3D.net’s tailored and competitive pricing structure has given Hi-Rez the edge it needs to dynamically scale its infrastructure capacity and not be worried about any ballooning costs. Added to this, the flexibility provided by i3D.net through no vendor lock-ins and the ability to burst into the supported third-party cloud provider of your choice provides gaming studios with the ability to choose the mix of resources that
suits them best.

“The cost savings brought by working with i3D.net alongside the effective Anti-DDoS protection makes i3D.net the perfect partner for gaming studios and publishers!”

Darryl Lister, Head of Services and Customer Success, Hi-Rez Studios

DDoS protection for complete security

i3D.net’s Anti-DDoS solution was also the perfect fit for Hi-Rez. Multiplayer games need protection from DDoS attacks, but firewalls that slow traffic to protect users are not the answer. i3D.net’s access list control rules ensure that the traffic of legitimate users is not interrupted while filtering out any unwanted queries. This dynamic and fully customizable solution geared towards fulfilling the customer’s needs was one of the reasons for Hi-Rez’s decision to partner up with i3D.net, and this has helped make their games much more secure and enjoyable for their players.

A network built for games

i3D.net’s privately-owned backbone network has been set up to enable gamers to get the best out of online gaming. With 60+ Points of Presence (PoP) globally and 9000+ direct peering connections, i3D.net’s network team has designed and optimized the infrastructure for low latency and increased reliability. This means that each PoP on the network has multiple redundant routes with the most direct connections possible to nearby locations, to reduce slower speeds caused by longer distances and increase the reliability of the network for 24/7 uptime.

i3D.net adds an average of five new PoPs per year. Each new location is strategically chosen to connect PoPs at the fringe to the rest of the network, while building capacity among locations for greater reliability in each region. i3D.net has worked to improve its network in tricky locations such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the LATAM region to tangibly reduce latency and provide a more reliable experience for gamers. i3D.net’s network prioritizes strengthening in regions where competitors were traditionally relying on scenic routing, with performance taking a hit as a result.

In short

i3D.net’s network infrastructure and Hi-Rez’s RallyHere platform are truly the perfect match! With a reliable low-latency network and excellent DDoS mitigation coupled with a platform that can scale resources and facilitate cross-platform play, gaming studios can ensure that their users have an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience, regardless of the location, player count, or platform.

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