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Serve your players

Deliver seamless gaming experiences with compute resources optimized for game studios and publishers. Leverage our ultra-low latency network and the unbeatable cost-to-performance ratio.

Dedicated game servers

Protect your community

Shield your players from disruptive attacks with GLAD, a collection of tools built in-house that can prevent, detect and thwart DDoS attacks. Built on top of our technology stack and fully integrated within our network, GLAD runs at the edge, providing the lowest latency solution to mitigate DDoS attacks.


See all GLAD features.

Make it a fair fight for everyone

Ensure fair and enjoyable gameplay for your community. Operating in real-time, FairFight anti-cheat analyses the gameplay and allows for customized actions to secure the players and their experience. At the core, it is a behavioral player detection platform, allowing for it to be more than an anti-cheat.

FairFight Anti-cheat

FairFight Anti Cheat system header visual
Game server orchestrator

Scale game experiences

Ensure your game’s availability and overcome capacity under/overuse. Built in collaboration with game studios, our orchestrator combines the cost efficiency of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud. It prevents having to bank on unreliable forecasting of CCU and PCU, as it spins up resources based on current player demand, guaranteeing resource availability. 

Game server orchestrator

Our solutions are crafted to

Provide immersive gaming experiences

Our low-latency connectivity spans the globe, enabling your games to run smoothly, no matter where your players are.​​

Empower growth

Adapt and scale effortlessly with our hybrid cloud technology, designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the gaming industry.​

Accelerate performance

We understand gaming needs and deliver bespoke, game-dedicated technologies that keep you ahead of the curve.​

Level up gameplay

Benefit from our extensive end-to-end game management support, ensuring that your game remains top-tier, round the clock.​

Get results like our customers network makes all the difference operates its own global internet backbone network, known for its outstanding performance, minimal latency, unwavering reliability, and keeping data as local as possible. Optimize operational efficiency by harnessing excellent performance and positioning yourself as close to your players as possible.

26+ Tbps​

real-time data capacity

9000+ Peers​

direct connections​​

100+ IXPs​

direct connections​

Edge networking for gaming​

By placing network PoPs near players, even in developing regions like the Middle East and LATAM, we prevent scenic routing to deliver the lowest possible latency to your players.

2nd largest peered network in the world

Running the 2nd largest peered network with minimal latency to ISPs, makes our backbone the perfect choice for multiplayer games and demanding matchmakings while outperforming major cloud providers.

Competitive egress pricing

With an exceptional price-to-performance ratio, we prevent bandwidth costs from soaring as your game grows. Save up to 95% on bandwidth costs with compared to major cloud providers.

Why game studios & publishers choose

Full infrastructure control

Unlike your average provider, owns and operates the entire IT infrastructure stack, from data centers, network operations, and computing resources, resulting in:

Game launch war room

We safeguard a flawless gaming experience on our customers' launch day! Our experts collaborate with our customers, on request, to fine-tune every aspect of their game hosting; from network and security to compute resource.

Direct access to our experts

For quick and efficient problem solving, advice, and even help with debugging, we connect our customers directly to:

Gaming DNA

Our journey began 20+ years ago, with the mission to revolutionize gaming by delivering the best experiences accessible to all, globally. This dedication permeates every aspect of our work.


API documentation

Our API endpoints, including their input and output headers, parameters and objects.

Game online services brochure

Our full range of game solutions, our network map, and how we can help your game to be a success.

About datacenter server

Our story

For over 20 years, reducing latency has been’s core business. From its inception, set out to improve gaming experiences and to minimize latency for as many end-users as possible.

The network has evolved from serving individual gamers to hosting entire game titles on behalf of the biggest game publishers and developers in the world. Nowadays, serves hundreds of millions of users on its network spanning 6 continents across the globe.

This evolution has allowed us to provide tailored infrastructure resources and bespoke software solutions to build, host and manage multiplayer games and real-time applications like voice and video messaging, ensuring seamless experiences for our growing user base.

Datacenter engineer working on network equipment
Smartdc performance datacenters logo in black

Our own data centers

Online multiplayer titles and ever-growing game sizes require low-latency, high performance and fast delivery times. By 2009, it was time to put down our roots. Our high-performance hardware required an environment that was fully under our own control. We built a data center in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam. Smartdc Rotterdam is now one of the largest data centers in the region, and it’s connected to multiple Tier-1 in-house carriers and major IXPs.

Awards and accomplishments

One of the fastest growing companies in the Deloitte 500.

10-time nominee for the FD-Gazellen Award for the fastest-growing Dutch companies, with 4 wins in 2012, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Listed in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018.


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