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Imagine your players immersed in your game with no interruptions. No lag, no crashes, near zero-latency — just pure immersion. With hosting from, your game always performs at its peak.

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Avoiding crashes and ensure performance during peak times guarantees robust, high-performance hosting with minimal downtime, keeping your game running smoothly under any conditions.

Why game studios choose's servers

Game server orchestrator

Handle player peaks with game server orchestration

Ensure your game’s availability and overcome capacity under/overuse. Built in collaboration with game studios, our orchestrator combines the cost efficiency of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud. It prevents having to bank on unreliable forecasting of CCU and PCU, as it spins up resources based on current player demand, guaranteeing resource availability and cost optimization. 

Game server orchestrator

Make it a fair fight for everyone

Ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for your community. Operating in real-time, FairFight anti-cheat analyses the gameplay and allows for customized actions to secure the players and their experience. At the core, it is a behavioral player detection platform, allowing for it to be more than an anti-cheat.

FairFight Anti-cheat

FairFight Anti Cheat system header visual

Protect your community

Shield your players from disruptive attacks with GLAD, a collection of tools built in-house that can prevent, detect and thwart DDoS attacks. Built on top of our technology stack and fully integrated within our network, GLAD runs at the edge, providing the lowest latency solution to mitigate DDoS attacks.


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Our solutions are crafted to

Provide immersive gaming experiences

Our low-latency connectivity spans the globe, enabling your games to run smoothly, no matter where your players are.​​

Empower growth

Adapt and scale effortlessly with our hybrid cloud technology, designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the gaming industry.​

Accelerate performance

We understand gaming needs and deliver bespoke, game-dedicated technologies that keep you ahead of the curve.​

Level up gameplay

Benefit from our extensive end-to-end game management support with game specific knowledge, ensuring that your game remains top-tier, around the clock.​

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We are not like the others

Full control ​

We fully own and operate the entire infrastructure stack, from data centers and network operation to computing resources — no middlemen, no hassle.

Best global gaming network ​

Our low-latency network is purpose-built for e-sport titles and first-person shooters. Operating the second-most peered network globally with minimal latency to ISPs makes our backbone the perfect choice for demanding matchmaking scenarios. 

Games are in our DNA ​

Our journey began 20+ years ago, with the mission to revolutionize gaming by delivering the best experiences accessible to all, globally. This dedication permeates every aspect of our work.

Curious to see how we can take your game performance to the next level?

With servers in over 60+ locations, all connected to our exceptional network (AS49544) we provide a global platform, utilized by the likes of RallyHere, Epic Games and Ubisoft.

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