This API v2 is deprecated and may no longer work, or may even be removed soon.
Please refer to our new API v3 documentation for your automation purposes. REST api documentation

The REST api allows you to programmatically request information about your services.
This is done through HTTPS requests towards the website.

The base URL for your requests is :

:CATEGORY: can be one of the following strings :

Every request must be accompanied by a few variables that describe authentication and the information you want to retrieve.

A note about versioning. We are currently at version 2 of our API. This documentation describes that version.

The mandatory request variables

userId - your user ID without the 'K'. You can find it on the control panel pages and on the API setup page on the website.
apiKey - a 20 character key, generated for your account (see Authentication below).
action - describes the information you want to retrieve for the selected category.

Some requests require an additional variable to be supplied. This is indicated in the category documentation below.

Variable encoding

Request variables that you send to the server must be JSON encoded. The JSON encoded result must be sent to the server in the body of the request and must be accompanied by a "Content-Type: application/json" header.
The response from the server will also be JSON encoded. Examples of the output values are given with each command listed in this documentation.


First you must create one or more API keys for your account. You can do that on: /controlpanel/administration/profile/#profileApiKeys

Each API key's use can be limited to an IP address range.
You can also specify to which category a key has access. This way you can give a key to someone else, e.g. a programmer for your website, and allow only the information he or she requires.