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Known Issues

Of course we want the platform to work really well but sometimes there are aspects that need a more thorough look at rather than applying a quick fix.

The following are a few issues that we are aware of and need attention in the future:

  • Deployment of application instances configured with a network port range may be slower than normal due to extra calculations and locks required to generate unique ports for each instance on a host

    • Update: as of 10 May 2021 several optimizations have been applied resulting in drasitcally improved port generation throughput. Further improvements are planned after the release of our rewritten host agent.
  • Automatic scaling, up an down, may be slower than intended. We will further address this issue in Q2 2021.

    • Update: as of 7 September 2020 our scaling mechanism's performance has been substantially improved both in response time and rate of deployment throughput. After further investigation however, we think we can do much better still.