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XLSP Hosting

  • has been hosting XLSP titles since 2007
  • We provide hosting infrastructure for large AAA titles and smaller Xbox Arcade titles
  • Our trackrecord includes the #1 Xbox Arcade game and the largest 64 player AAA title
  • 24/7 support & monitoring
  • On-site support during launch and pre-launch
  • Experts in fast scaling of player capacity
  • Expert software written in-house to create XLSP and proxy configuration
  • Multi-platform, worldwide support through one web interface
  • CDSA certified on Content Security & Protection
  • ISO/IEC 27001 audited datacenters

Xbox Live Server Platform (XLSP) is a certified Microsoft Xbox Developer (XDK), which enables us to support large scale XLSP deployments worldwide. We have extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Xbox server platform with AAA titles and hundreds of thousands concurrent players. We have built a purpose-made control panel for managing and monitoring game environments through a single portal to support worldwide locations cross-platform, including Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows PC and Nintendo. We provide game developers and publishers with professional testing for online services. delivers a cost-effective cloud for the Microsoft Xbox One platform. Our cloud also integrates with Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, and is complemented with expert software to manage and launch online gaming titles. Control Panel has strong roots in gaming. From humble origins hosting popular shooters in 2002 to being one of the largest providers of gaming related services in the world. Hosts many of the most popular video games on PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox One, Sony Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. At the core of the gaming services is the in house developed control panel. set out to create a complete solution that takes all of the most common and time consuming tasks needed to manage large clusters of game servers and built our software package to simplify these tasks.
The panel is used to maintain our entire server capacity and contains a variety of features aimed specifically at managing large gaming clusters on a global scale. The control panel is a non-intrusive solution that is cross platform compatible. It has integrated features for hosting servers in a PC, Microsoft Xbox Live or Playstation Network environment. By allowing actions to be performed simultaneously on a large number of servers with just a few simple clicks the panel drastically speeds up and simplifies management of large server clusters.

The power of the panel goes well beyond services related to gaming though. With the ability of automated operating system deployment, network management on a switch level, an integrated support system, billing options, an inventory management system, extensive monitoring and more, the control panel is truly the heart of and an integral part of the daily operations.

Our proprietary control panel is a non-blocking, non-interfering middleware application that runs on both Windows and Linux. The control panel supports the all game server platforms. Built-in functions allow for easy management of large game server clusters across all locations. Our control panel complies with Microsoft's 3rd party hosting guidelines. It manages and monitors all services, allows detailed real-time alerts and logs performance so that game play can be tracked and optimized down to the individual game server level. services include management of the entire environment (i.e. deployments, patching, configuration changes and the automatic generation of XLSP configs). Customers can elect at any time to manage the hosted services through a dedicated control panel. Our development team will be available to customize applications, portals and tools to suit the specific needs of your systems and titles.

Key features of our control panel:

  • Auto scaling of capacity
  • Support to write SG sgconfig.ini and LSP proxy files
  • One portal for launching, managing and monitoring online titles
  • Works on every platform

24/7 Staffed NOC

Our Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are located in the US and Europe and provide continuous monitoring of the entire infrastructure supporting your deployed server base. The management options in the panel allow for a wide variety of tasks to be performed simultaneously on a large number of servers. Tasks like stopping all capacity during a maintenance period can be completed in a matter of seconds by just a few simple mouse clicks. Deploying a new update or changing startline parameters can be achieved just as easily. Advanced features include the ability to switch instances to different games and platforms, to moving instances to standby capacity, assigning an xlsp gateway to a set of instances, installing additional components on a server system and performing changes to configuration files. To ensure the quality of all hosted services in the data centers, extensive monitoring systems are in place. All infrastructure is carefully monitored. From cooling, power and network on a data center, to memory and processor usage of individual instances.

Network monitoring

Arguably the most important part of any hosting solutions is the network. The network is fully redundant to ensure network issues are kept to an absolute minimum. The entire internal network infrastructure is monitored to pick up any signs of potential issues or congestion in their earlieimpacting servicesst stages. Additionally the top networks where our bandwidth is being sent to are monitored 24/7 to ensure issues can be tracked with pinpoint accuracy. External monitoring servers are configured at our various locations and provide monitoring from multiple locations.

Should you have a backend system at an external location that your project depends on it is possible to get extended monitoring or point to point connections in place to provide maximum stability.

All services hosted by can use the extensive hardware and instance monitoring systems that come with the control panel. Servers are monitored on multiple levels. The control panel is able to monitor on both a server and an instance level for resource usage, uptime and response. An alert will be given if any parameter exceeds its pre-defined values.