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Global Load Balanced Websites

Getting started

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Global load balancing is a high-availability solution using a multi data center hosting environment. By hosting your website in multiple data centers around the world, you increase the speed at which users can access your content by sending them to the data center closest to their geographic location.

Putting up redundant servers in a single datacenter is a great start to make sure your website is available 24/7 to your users. But what if the datacenter itself experiences issues? What if there's a routing issues between your datacenter and your clients? For websites that require 100% uptime, server redundancy is just the first step. global load balancing may just be the solution you need.

Systems go offline due to a variety of reasons. Whether it's a network outage, hardware failure, a routing problem, power cuts, DDoS attacks or natural disasters. You still want your users to be able to reach your website or you risk losing business.

That is why provides an automated fallback solution in case any any of your data centers experiences issues. Users will automatically be rerouted to one of the other available data centers and can continue using your website like before.

How global load balancing works