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WD is the world's largest hard drive manufacturer.

WD & is an international managed hosting and cloud service provider based in Rotterdam. The company was founded in 2002 and now operates more than 10,000 servers in 16 points of presence (PoPs) on six different continents. had been using hard disk drives from various suppliers, as Rick Sloot, COO at, describes: “We were busy growing and we had never really taken a close look at the failure rates of the multiple suppliers we used.” In its search for an alternative supplier, began to audit its existing drives. Rick describes what his team discovered: “We realized that, compared to other suppliers, the WD drives were performing better.” As a result of the superior product and superior service received from WD, it took the decision to swap to WD drives and, since 2012, has standardized almost completely on WD drives.

Overall reliability is key in a performance-minded organization like

“When you are running 10,000 servers, a 5% failure rate is equal to 1,250 failed hard disks annually,” says Rick. “We know that all drives have a failure rate, but our WD drives perform much better than this. They have an average annual failure rate that is way lower than our previous experience and is significantly lower than our minimum standard of 1%.” With the amount of servers that is running simultaneously, the annualized failure rate has an important impact on its overall reliability.

WD fulfils orders quickly

Another aspect of WD’s service has impressed the team, as Rick explains: “WD fulfils our orders quickly and these rapid delivery times help us to respond quickly to our customers. We know that we will be able to build to our customers’ specifications without suppliers holding us back – even for customers with largescale requirements.” For, it is important that WD’s helpful and responsive sales and customer service operations are matched by WD’s technical innovation. Case Study

WD and have written a case study on the WD drives uses in their data centers. This case study can be viewed by downloading it here: case study by WD.