Virtual Machines (VMs)

Optimize your IT infrastructure and workload in a cost-efficient way with's Virtual Machines.

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The best of both worlds

You need not sacrifice the flexibility of shared hosting for the privacy of a dedicated bare metal server. Virtual Machines offer the perfect middle ground. Your business-critical applications and divergent computing requirements are fully supported in our VM environment. Built on proven VMware technology, we provide virtualized environments built upon a cluster of AAA hardware, ensuring that your applications are never down.

Delivered ready-to-use
Reduce complex and time-consuming implementation processes. Simply select your requirements from our dedicated resource pool. Enjoy ease-of-use and quick scalability, only paying for the resource pool at a fixed rate.

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Key Features


The platform is built upon a dedicated cluster of servers. Should a virtual machine fail, the cluster will take over to keep your business-critical application online.

Cloud management made easy

Easily take snapshots of your VMs and simply revert to a previous version. Clone instances using a simple template creation process.

Flat-fee pricing

Virtual machine resource pool at a fixed monthly price. Know exactly what you'll be paying with the added benefits of a cloud solution, including flexibility and scalability.

Optimal Virtual Machine for your needs

Scale virtual machines to meet the demands of your business.

Windows VM

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Linux VM

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Configure according to your needs

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Additional Benefits

Hardware cluster

The environment is built upon a highly reliable Dell hardware and hosted in our privately owned ISO 27001 certified data centers.

Redundant Storage

We offer various storage options, from ultra-fast Tier 0 solutions to more cost-efficient Tier 3 storage, both fully redundant.

Optimized Capacity

To minimize the effect of noisy neighbors, reserves optimal capacity for your needs. This ensures that the required capacity is always available and optimal for your usage.

Resource Pools

Select the resources you require for your Virtual Machine. Based on the selected resources, you can scale virtual machines to meet your business demands.

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We serve over 600 million users a month for some of the world's biggest companies

  • Victa Business Intelligence logo in black “The first time we ordered a Virtual Machine with, we paid in the morning and that same day we could deliver the complete environment to our end-customer. Due to that flexibility and speed of delivery, we have been working together ever since.” Vince Wolbers, Technical Consultant at Victa Victa
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