Senior Back-end Developer

The development team is the beating heart of This is where our in-house software is built to automate all the processes that are involved in game hosting. We design, develop and shape the future of the company while maintaining the past. New products and services are born on the drawing board. You report to and work directly with the Team leader development.

About the Job

Tech jobs come with flexible schedules. Between 8:30-10:00 AM you arrive at the office; just-in-time for the daily standup. Before the meeting starts, you quickly grab a coffee. During the standup, you briefly sync with the rest of the team and discuss priorities for the day. After the standup, you start by doing some code reviews. Setting stories to “done” gives you that satisfying feeling of adding value and improving software daily. Time to continue with work on a new user story.

It is 12:30, and you are quite hungry. Today is Friday, or in terms ‘French Fryday’. You go to the canteen on the fourth floor and enjoy a meal of fries and snacks. The fries gave you some renewed energy.

Last week, you and your team had a long meeting about new ideas and improvements for the server installation software you are creating. This requires a lot of new coding. You grab a large coffee, put on your headphones, and really dig in. You start building and write down some remarks and additions for the team which you will share next week in the standup.”

Your Responsibilities

Your Skills

Inspiring Environment

You'll be joining people who take ownership of their duties, think outside of the box and strive for nothing but the best.

High-End Laptop

The latest Dell XPS will be at your disposal so you'll be ready to rock 'n roll from day one.

We are Team Players

All walls are made of glass (yes, sometimes people bump into them). But if you need help from a colleague you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Travel the Globe

With offices, data center PoP's and customers scattered across the globe, you'll be sure to see a city or two.

Secondary Benefits

Our HR Manager wanted to list all the secondary benefits here. As the list is too long we've highlighted the most fun ones around this block.

Workout in our Gym

A fully equipped gym in our Rotterdam office equals deadlifts, squats and the treadmill for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Personal Development

The sky is the limit. We offer you all the room to grow. With our unlimited educational fund we've got you covered for everything from books or part-time courses to a whole Master’s degree.

Get Free Games

Access to the entire Ubisoft backlog for life comes with the job! You'll never be bored again.

Fantastic Bar

Views, 50 specialty beers, french fries, Friday afternoon drinks and all you can eat candy buffet.

What we do

Low latency is our mission! In 2002 we set out to improve online experiences for gamers. Today, we translate our hosting innovations to various industries, but gaming is still in our DNA. And as of 2019, we are part of the Ubisoft family! We build out our network presence in data centers across the globe – from Moscow to Mumbai, Amsterdam to Seattle, and everything in between – bringing content closer to the users. 

Our team works hard on everything related to running our privately owned premium network, from opening new points-of-presence, setting up peering relationships, developing integral products like anti-DDoS protection, and serving our customers with expert help and advice. Finally, we play even harder, in our office gym and bar, and with our lifetime access to Ubisoft games. 

What does offer you?

What you can expect

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