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Since the company was founded, i3D.net has gone through many transitions.Our company grew from a small internet service company to the global managed hosting provider it is today

2002: Where it all started

At the age of 18, Stijn Koster started i3d.nl; an abbreviation that stood for ‘Innovatieve Informatie Internet Diensten’ (innovative information internet services). The core activities of i3d.nl were CMS, web design and hosting. During these first two years’ time was divided between his education and the starting company.

2003: A server was placed

In 2003 a server was placed in a datacenter in Rotterdam to service his small customer base. This server contained webhosting and mail services but it included some game servers. These were for private use back then but they turned out to become quite popular.

2004: Change of business model

In 2004 Stijn decided to change his business model. i3D.nl started to offer game servers to a wider audience from its new website. The single game server quickly changed into multiple game servers. The server components were ordered from different vendors and assembled by either Stijn or Stefan. Once assembled they were brought to the datacenter by public transport or by foot.

2005: Customer base increases

The customer base increased to the point that i3D.nl was the biggest game server provider in the Benelux this year. One of our biggest customers was our current Director of Operations Rick Sloot. He would join i3D.nl later that year. 2005 was the year when ranked game servers made an uprising; a game changer in the video game industry that commoditized very quickly in the entire video game industry. Back then it was brand new and the main reason why games as Battlefield 2 became such a success. After lots of effort and man hours i3d.nl managed to get a license for offering official ranked game servers. This resulted in us providing around 50% of the Battlefield 2 game servers in the world making us the biggest provider. It was at this point that the decision was made to change the name from i3D.nl to i3D.net. All three staff members worked either from home or from one of the datacenters. On the ground because there were no desks or chairs available in the datacenters. We did, however had a big customer base that was growing impatient. New server capacity was sold instantly and new customers sometimes had to wait days before their service was delivered. The three guys could not handle the work load anymore. Luckily; besides EA, other game publishers started to notice i3D.net.

2006: Growing the company

In the summer of 2006 Rick moved to Rotterdam and Stijn quit his education so they could fully focus on the fast growth of the company. i3D.net managed to sign a new deal with a large game publisher; THQ. This game publisher is not in business any more. THQ had a big game studio in New York named Kaos Studios. Kaos was looking for a hosting provider in Europe for London and Paris. Back then we had servers in Frankfurt and Rotterdam already. Stijn contacted one of our competitors with the pitch: “if you guys do London; we will do Paris so we can sign this deal together” A brilliant move that impressed the potential customer. And so it happened that i3D.net became the first hosting provider for Microsoft Xbox360. The company from London seized to exist soon after. 2006 was the year in which i3D.net opened an office in the Rotterdam city center.