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What is an MTR?

An MTR is a diagnostic tool used to provide information on the quality on the route towards certain destinations. The resulting information can help our support team troubleshoot your connectivity issues. For more information, please visit the Wikipedia article.

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Performing an MTR

A good tool to perform an MTR is WinMTR.

Download WinMTR

After downloading MTR, follow the steps below to perform an MTR.

  1. Find the IP address for the relevant server below
  2. Copy this IP address and paste it into the Host field
  3. Click Start
  4. Wait for 15 minutes
  5. Click Stop
  6. Click "Copy Text to clipboard"
  7. Paste this text in your support ticket or e-mail to

For more information, please visit the knowledge base: Windows MTRLinux MTR .

Our servers

A list of our DNS servers along with their respective IP addresses is listed below.

Australia, Sydney

Brazil, São Paulo

Germany, Frankfurt

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Japan, Tokyo

The Netherlands, Heerlen

The Netherlands, Rotterdam

Poland, Warsaw

Russia, Moscow

South Africa, Johannesburg

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

United States, Chicago

United States, Dallas

United States, Los Angeles

United States, Ashburn