Network services manages a 1 Tb+ global IPv4/IPv6 network (AS49544) with over 120,000 KM of optical fiber. Our premium network consists of multiple Tier-1 providers and the largest internet exchanges in the world.

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Global ultra-low-latency backbone

We operate a 1 Tb+ network connected with over 30 peering exchanges, a backbone across multiple fibers transatlantic, transpacific and to the Middle East. Our services are infrastructure (dedicated, colocation, cloud) with added full management of the systems and software. Our 24/7 NOC will manage and monitor game performance, including uptime down to instance level and any in-game metrics. Our global network is constantly growing with an eye on emerging markets, recently with significant investment in Africa and Asia. We own/manage the network which allows us to provide a high bandwidth/low-latency network optimized for high-performance applications such as games and SaaS products. 

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a multinational corporation that offers high performance network solutions.

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Network services and specialists

We operate in an industry where latency plays a big role in success. Over the years, we have invested heavily in the quality of our network. It is because of these investments that our network is renowned for its stability, reach and low latency. You can benefit from our infrastructure. Contact our network specialists for more information. 

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