Smartdc: Performance Data Centers

Smartdc is our privately owned data center brand. Smartdc has two data center sites in the Netherlands; one in Rotterdam and one in Heerlen.

Smartdc is all about quality and uptime

At Smartdc you are always online. Smartdc stands for performance, uptime and maximum security. The primary data center in Rotterdam has more than 12 carriers in-house, and a fully redundant N+1 power setup. The data center in Heerlen meets the same high quality standards as the Rotterdam data center, and is very suitable as back-up location, situated at >320ft above sea level. The data centers have a strong focus on performance in order to ensure companies are online 24/7.

The Smartdc data centers are built modularly and consist of multiple suites. Each suite is an autonomous mini data center with its own redundant power supply and cooling equipment. Each suite has it’s own fiber connections, biometric access control, smoke detection and fire prevention systems.

Every suite is equipped with:


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