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Relined supplies Dark Fiber connections which lie beside the railroad tracks throughout The Netherlands. chooses Relined Fiber Network for its’ backbone

Relined Fiber Network, the supplier of Dark Fiber connections in The Netherlands, Provides fiber connectivity solutions for the corporate market. Relined’s network is uniquely located on the railroad premises (managed by ProRail) and in the high-voltage power lines (managed by TenneT), which allows the transmission of data over long distances with minimal attenuation. The locations of in Rotterdam and Heerlen are both located right next to the railroad tracks. This made the easy connection to Relined’s national network possible.

Relined offers scalability and reliability is a continuous-growing company. Its’ network is built in a way that it can facilitate this growth based on customer demand. “With dark fiber as stable basis is the capacity scalable and limitless. We came to this solution to provide in’s future growth plans” says Guido Sip, Strategic Account Manager at Relined B.V.

Relined and A logical cooperation

The cooperation between and Relined began in 2014 when showed interest in a dark fiber solution between its Rotterdam-based datacenter and one of’s on-net backbone locations in Amsterdam. “The cooperation with Relined’s account manager was very direct and went very smoothly. Relined is known for their short lines of communication and they are able to think creatively and proactively from a customers’ perspective. Besides this spotless cooperation was Relined able to offer a suitable solution for a competitive price; which resulted in the first cooperation between both organizations.” Case Study

Relined has created a nice case study that depicts the cooperation between Relined and The complete case study can be downloaded by using these links.