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  • Date: 04 Jun 2014
  • Contact: Rick Sloot - Operational Director
  • Telephone: +31 10 89 00 070

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Press renews CDSA certificate
The Netherlands - Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In May 2014, has renewed its CDSA certification. CDSA and the Anti-Piracy and Compliance Program (APCP) are relatively unknown amongst European companies. The certification covers the growing skepticism regarding the security of confidential data. It is brought to life to assure the security of companies’ personal data, customer data and intellectual property. CDSA can be perceived as the Hollywood standard. However – in 2014 – the CDSA certification is getting noticed among corporate Europe. once again unique of its kind
Commonly known is the ISO / IEC certification and the accompanying audits. Not so commonly known in Europe is the Content Delivery & Storage Association (CDSA)
CDSA, also known as the Hollywood ISO, developed the world’s first independent and unbiased certification system based on internationals standards called the “Anti-Piracy and Compliance Program (APCP).
With the support of the international media and entertainment industry, CDSA has audited and certified hundreds of companies on the APCP standards divided over six continents. The APCP is the only industry-driven program acknowledged by governments all around the globe. CDSA’s sole purpose is to protect and secure the integrity of intellectual property.
Apart from the renowned ISO / IEC 27001 certification, the CDSA certification is of great importance for’s customer base. Especially the large content-oriented company’s consider the CDSA certification an absolute must.  Especially these types of customers are very pleased with the fact that passed the audit without any remarks by the auditors.

The answer to the question: “where is my sensitive data stored?”
At the moment, with its renewed CDSA certificate is unique in The Netherlands and therefore relatively unique in Europe’s managed hosting sector.  What many corporate customers do not know is that CDSA with its APCP standards cover the growing skepticism regarding the safety of companies’ personal data, customer data and intellectual property.
The CDSA certification does not limit itself to a sole link within a supply chain, it covers the supply chain as a whole. This accreditation aims at full supply and production chains covering the developers, producers, logistic partners, up to the physical as well as the electronic distribution and storage of content. Even the destruction process is implemented in the APCP standards. Because of the thoroughness of these criteria, the customer base of can trust on the fact that their sensitive data is stored securely. assures, with the CDSA certification, the security of the data storage as well as the security of the data transmission. This is one of many reasons why attracts more large, international operating, corporate customers

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