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  • Date: 04 May 2017
  • Contact: Rick Sloot - Operational Director
  • Telephone: +31 10 89 00 070

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Press introduces the digital 'Holland America Line'
The Netherlands - Thursday, May 4, 2017

On October 15th, 1872, the ship the Rotterdam went on its first 15-day trip from Rotterdam to New York. A special event for that time, one that had the power to change the world. Now, almost 150 years later, the Rotterdam based company will follow in the footsteps of the famous Holland-America company with a direct network connection to New York via fiber sea cable. Sail along on our own digital Holland America Line!

The new route in the network is the second trans-Atlantic route. also operates a London-Washington DC route. The new Rotterdam-New York route provides redundancy and doubles the available bandwidth for trans-Atlantic connectivity. connects to all major internet exchanges in Europe and the United States. The new route to New York will add two additional internet exchanges to our network, and provides lower latency routes to and from the United States and Canada, to Europe. All services connected to our network will benefit from the New York point of presence. provides managed hosting and owns and operates over 8,500 servers in 25 datacenter locations world wide. In 2009, opened its flagship data center in Rotterdam, which has become the largest internet hub in the greater Rotterdam region. The organization employs over 31,000 customers in 22 data center locations worldwide and will have a direct connection to New York per July 1st. The major internet backbone that manages in Europe and the United States is connected to more than 1,600 networks by peering connections on the largest internet exchanges. The network is connected to six continents with offering services in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Heerlen, London, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Moscow, Dubai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Sao Paulo and three new regions in development.

The / AS49544 network offers a capacity of over 760 Gbps for external connections. The core network architecture is MPLS-based and runs on Brocade MLXe core routers.

Are you looking for a direct connection to New York or any of the other locations connected world wide? Our network architects will work with you on network design, capacity and latency planning. Our network is one of the key elements in providing performance hosting.

We are experts in performance hosting. is a managed hosting provider founded in 2002 and now operates 8.500 servers in 25 ISO27001 certified datacenters worldwide. We provide global hosting solutions with a performance guarantee and 24/7 support. Services include multi-cloud capacity, bare metal servers, managed game servers, colocation and specialty network solutions as anti-DDOS, MPLS connectivity and IP transit. excels in the gaming niche market hosting tens of millions of players for game publishers on the Microsoft Xbox Network, Sony PlayStation network and Nintendo Switch network.

The One Platform provides one global scalable platform, with one global support team, one global network, identical hardware, one global datacenter standard and audits, one software platform to support services worldwide, to support customers in a flexible roll-out of our services, allowing our customers to rapidly increase capacity for multi-cloud, bare metal servers, managed game services and network services. The One Platform is available on six continents and 25 datacenters around the world: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, Moscow, New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai and Johannesburg. offers SLAs on uptime, capacity and resource performance. All services are yearly audited and certified by the CDSA on Content Protection & Security.

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