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Language has partnered with multiple vendors to improve quality and delivery capacity world-wide.

The most optimized industry chain

Our global partners are selected to maintain a consistent quality of service and guaranteed performance level in our 16 locations. Our services are provisioned and managed on the same standards world wide. Our partners complete our services with predictable and guaranteed service levels, rapid delivery and the industry fastest repair times for our world wide services. We pass these advantages on to our customers: by working with our partnered vendors, we provide the most optimized industry chain for internet infrastructure and managed hosting.

Juniper is a multinational corporation that offers high performance network solutions has decreased the effective attacks on the PC gaming platform by using Juniper solution.

Dell is an industry leading supplier of high quality server hardware owns and operates roughly 10,000 Dell servers world-wide. In Dell we've found a reliable partner which can deliver top quality hardware in short time frames. This allows us to rapidly increase our capacity.

Intel is the largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker worldwide. has got the Intel Technology Provider Gold Partner status. We only use the fastest and highest quality Intel processors for our dedicated infrastructure solutions

Kingston has grown to be the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products.

Together with Kingston, has maximized performance of its gaming and enterprise servers through the use of high density DRAM modules and SSD drives.

Genie Networks provides solutions for optimizing the performance and lowering the operation costs of large networks.

Genie Networks has recently been deployed by, providing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection and network-wide traffic visibility.

HP is the worlds largest computer hardware manufacturer. owns and operates almost 2,000 HP servers world-wide. HP offers a wide variety of high quality servers. Ranging from the versatile HP DL120 to the high storage HP DL180 servers.

Brocade is a top supplier of advanced networking equipment

As our exclusive provider of high-end network and routing equipment Brocade is the driving force behind our 793 Gigabit network. Brocade offers us with an amazing platform for scaling up our network.

MRV Communications is a global provider in converged packet and optical solutions. is renowned for its expertise in scaling capacity on a global scale. MRV helps to support continued growth in network traffic while streamlining service delivery and management.

Microsoft is the largest software developer in the world.

As a Microsoft Gold and Cloud OS Network (COSN) partner, is certified to provide you with reliable consultancy on Microsoft products. We offer a full suite of Microsoft solutions to meet the business needs of our clients.

Level 3 is the world's leading international transit provider.

There are many transit providers. Few come close to Level 3 when it comes to the size of the network. With a point of presence in our Rotterdam based Datacenter, Level 3 is an important component of our premium network.

Relined supplies Dark Fiber connections which lie beside the railroad tracks throughout The Netherlands.

Relined Fiber Network, the supplier of Dark Fiber connections in The Netherlands, Provides fiber connectivity solutions for the corporate market. Relined’s network is uniquely located on railroad premises and in high-voltage power lines.

Cogent is a large international transit provider

Cogent offers a large suite of network services at amazing prices. Whether it's point-to-point connectivity or international transit. With a point of presence in our datacenter SmartDC cogent offers our clients affordable volume bandwidth.

WD (formerly known as Western Digital) is the world's largest hard drive manufacturer. uses tens of thousands hard drives for the 10,000 servers they operate world-wide. As a result of the great products and service received from WD, has standardized almost completely on WD drives.

Located in Amsterdam, AMS-IX is the second largest internet exchange in the world.

The AMS-IX is the second largest internet exchange in the world. An important gateway for all internet traffic coming into Europe. offers direct connections to the AMS-IX for all its clients.

Located in Frankfurt, DE-CIX is the largest internet exchange in Germany.

DE-CIX provides premium IX services and operates several Internet exchange points (IXPs) internationally. The leading IXP is DE-CIX Frankfurt; an important gateway for all internet traffic in Europe. is a member of the DHPA, an association representing the leading Dutch hosting providers. meets the guidelines of the DHPA code of conduct, which contributes to reliable and secure service delivery and to the fulfillment of our responsibilities to society and our staff. applies the code of conduct "Notice and Takedown" for reports about illegal content.