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How does our online backup software work?

Creating an online backup seems simple, but our software uses many technical gizmos that make backups faster, more reliable and safer than most other vendors. On this page you can learn more about our backup systems by watching the video and reading the text below.

The advantages of our software

  • Encrypting the data with a unique AES 256 encryption code, the secure Internet connection (SSL) and the storage in a robust and secure data center ensure maximum privacy.
  • Only modified files are uploaded unless you specify otherwise; making a backup will only take a few minutes after the first time!
  • A list of modified files is locally maintained to avoid unnecessary internet connections.
  • If a file is too frequently updated with a adjusted version, our software will automatically determine if a full backup must be made again to ensure that the file may contains no mistakes.
  • Task missed because the computer was turned off? Once the computer is turned on again, the backup will still be made
  • Written your own scripts to run before or after the backup? No problem, our software has a built-in option that allows you to call files, programs or scripts pre and post backup
  • It is possible to store different versions of backups so you can restore a backup of a specific date. Another useful option is to create offline backups in case you temporarily do not have internet access or want to transfer the backup onto a mobile medium.
  • There are many extensions available which makes backing up for example exchange or MSSQL goes even easier.
  • The software has an average compression of 25% so 100GB of data on your drive means 75GB backup data.
  • Automatic reports in the client software and e-mail make sure you are always informed of the status of your backups. Backups are made guaranteed. If a backup is not performed because the computer is turned off, it will automatically start when the computer is turned on again.
  • To use software no extensive IT knowledge is required. Installation and management are very simple and are supported by wizards. Software updates are completely automatic. You can also access your data through a secure web access anytime, anywhere. This way, you can restore data, without having the software installed.
  • In addition to our software, you also receive a web address so you can access your data anywhere.
  • Your data is fully protected against fire, water damage and human errors!

Technical setup

We're pleased to provide you with a glimpse behind the curtains to detail our technical setup:

  • Two front-end servers that loadbalanced request all http requests
  • Two database servers that loadbalanced handle all SQL requests serving the online backup software
  • Two redundant functioning storage systems