The ONE™ platform combines a user friendly interface with an API-based software system. Giving you full control over our bare metal, your own servers and all cloud providers within one environment. Optimizing investments and performance!

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Our high-quality performance is partly based on our self-developed software to manage all infrastructure. Over the years our (international) customers have helped it to evolve in a one-stop-shop solution that we call ONE™.
Our software platform integrates deep into the (game) server and is built to scale. Allowing utilization of owned infrastructure and enabling multi-cloud.
Performance guaranteed!

Many performance demanding applications, like games, run better and with predictable performance on bare metal. The ONE™ platform combines bare metal performance with cloud flexibility and it's API based.

The One platform offers besides REAL TIME Multi-Cloud scaling: advanced analytics, no impact patching, game management and capacity management. One gives you full control over performance, latency, costs and locations. Users and players will truly benefit from this. 

Optimize both performance and investment!

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