i3D.net places high scalability and reliability standards on all of its hardware. We work only with Triple-A brands for: routing equipment, load balancers, switches and firewalls.

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Maximum Performance

Each day, our global dedicated game servers accommodate over 100 million gamers. When striving for maximum performance, standardization is key. We offer the same high-quality hardware in any of our data centers, providing reliability, availability, and high performance on a global scale.

High performance servers

When gaining maximum performance, standardization is a must. Therefore, we have chosen to standardize on Dell servers. We offer the same hardware in any of our data centers to provide a reliable infrastructure. All i3D.net’s bare metal servers are integrated into our premium global network for optimal results.


i3D.net offers you industry-leading Juniper firewalls to protect your digital infrastructure. A reliable firewall is the distinguishing feature of a secure network. i3D.net engineers and Juniper Networks have transformed Junipers vSRX virtual firewall line into a highly effective Global Low-latency Anti-DDoS solution (GLAD). Read more here 

A network supports sensitive, critical applications and processes and provides a shared infrastructure in which data, voice and video services are combined. Each i3D.net firewall is based on custom-built, scalable platforms and developed to meet the security requirements of a changing network environment.

Protecting our hardware and data

i3D.net is officially ISO 27001 certified. The certificate is highly valued as i3D.net only works with ISO certified data centers.

ISO 27001 is the international standard for the certification of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). This certificate shows that a company can identify cyber risks, apply these implications and additionally apply systemized controls to the system in order to limit
any risk.

Security of stored and processed data is essential within i3D.net as we highly value business partner confidence.

Michiel van der Donck, Security Officer at i3D.net 

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a multinational corporation that offers high performance network solutions.

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Scalable, reliable and global Hardware

Optimize hosting costs and set up the hardware and SLA according your needs. i3D.net places high scalability and reliability standards on all of its hardware. We work only with Triple-A brands for: routing equipment. Load balancers, switches and firewalls. 

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