i3D.net places high scalability and reliability standards on all of its hardware. We work only with Triple-A brands for: routing equipment, load balancers, switches and firewalls.

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Load balancers

Load Balancing is the process by which workload is distributed across multiple virtual or dedicated servers. The load balancer takes care of distributing the load and monitors the capacity and availability of the existing nodes. 

Load balancing distributes your services across multiple servers, such as webservers. This means that the platform can simultaneously handle more visitors and the visitor is not affected by a possible failure of one of the web servers when the load exceeds one particular server's maximum capacity. A load balancer is also useful when your website requires a certain performance which can be obtained more easily in a multiple server setting. 


i3D.net offers you industry-leading Juniper firewalls to help protect your digital infrastructure. A reliable firewall is the distinguishing feature of a secure network. A network supports sensitive, critical applications and processes and provides a shared infrastructure in which data, voice and video services are combined. Each i3D.net firewall is based on custom-built, scalable platforms and developed to meet the security requirements of a changing network environment.

A i3D.net firewall may be implemented on its own in order to protect a specific portion of the network infrastructure, but it can also be combined with other firewalls for a more detailed, multi-level separate protection. Our firewalls provide a strong mix of Application Control, IPS, Antivirus, Botnet and DDoS protection, Web Filtering and Messaging Security. i3D.net is also able to equip you with a centralized network-security solution.


A router is to connect two networks. We use Juniper routers: comprehensive, scalable, and secure portfolio of routers for enterprise and service provider networks.


A switch is a device in the infrastructure of computer networks that connects devices by receiving, processing and forwarding received frames. A switch can connect Ethernet, Token ring, Fiber Channel or other types of packet-switched network segments to one homogeneous network at the level of the OSI data link layer.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a multinational corporation that offers high performance network solutions.

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Scalable, reliable and global Hardware

Optimize hosting costs and set up the hardware and SLA according your needs. i3D.net places high scalability and reliability standards on all of its hardware. We work only with Triple-A brands for: routing equipment. Load balancers, switches and firewalls. 

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