Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers

Kies uit een ruim aanbod dedicated servers. Van single CPU servers tot de nieuwste en krachtigste quad socket units.

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Single Processor

4x3.1 - 4x3.6 GHz

Up to 4 cores

Up to 64 GB RAM

Up to 24 TB Local Storage

Simple yet powerful; these single unit servers with a single processor have a maximum capacity of 4 hard drives. Ideal for small web environments.  

Dual Processor

Dual 4x2.13 - 8x3.30 GHz

Up to 20 cores

Up to 512 GB RAM

Up to 48 TB Local Storage

Dual capacity in one machine. Get true reliability with reduncancy within one chassis. Ideal for database applications  

Quad Processor

Quad 15x2.10 - 16x2.30 Ghz

Up to 64 cores

Up to 1024 GB RAM

Up to 144 TB Local Storage

Four CPU's in one chassis. Ideal for high-volume storage or complete DTAP environments.