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  • Category: News
  • Date: 09 Feb 2012
  • Contact: Rick Sloot - Operational Director
  • Telephone: +31 10 89 00 070

The News Room

The news room covers corporate news and notifications to our customers.

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News upgrades AMS-IX connection to 20 gigabit
The Netherlands - Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interactive 3D ( upgraded the AMS-IX connection to 20 gigabit/second. To support the increased traffic we have also added additional 10 gigabit connections between our datacenter SmartDC in Rotterdam, to Amsterdam, to Frankfurt and to London.
Together with our LINX and DE-CIX connections, is connected to the largest internet exchanges in the world. i3D uses these connections to add more reliable, direct and low latency connections to major cable, DSL and dialup ISPs and content providers.

Level3 and Global Crossing upgrades also upgraded the connections to Level3 and Global Crossing to 2x 60 gigabit. Our datacenter SmartDC is connected to the Level3 and Global Crossing backbones providing direct connections to Amsterdam, Paris, London and Brussels.

Our network
The increased network capacity brings us to the following network setup:

- Global Crossing 50 gigabit
- Level 3 50 gigabit
- Telia Sonera 10 gigabit
- Global Crossing 10 gigabit
- Level 3 10 gigabit

- AMS-IX Amsterdam 20 gigabit
- DE-CIX Frankfurt 10 gigabit
- LINX London 10 gigabit
- PLIX Warshaw 1 gigabit
- NetNod Stockholm 2 gigabit
- Rackspace UK private interconnect 1 gigabit
- Equinix Ashburn USA private interconnect 1 gigabit
- Equinix Sydney AUS exchange 1 gigabit
- Equinix Sydney AUS private interconnect 1 gigabit

For questions regarding peering, transit and optimal connectivity, please contact our network operations through the ticket system.

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