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  • Category: Support
  • Date: 13 Dec 2011
  • Contact: Rick Sloot - Operational Director
  • Telephone: +31 10 89 00 070

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Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand R12 Update
The Netherlands - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DICE / EA released patch R12 today, will automaticly update all servers.

Change log:

* General crashfixes
* Fixed problem where kits would remain on the level for a long time.
* The Back to Karkand maps are included

The new maps details:

XP1_001 Strike At Karkand
Xp1_002 Gulf of Oman
XP1_003 Sharqi Peninsula
XP1_004 Wake Island

Above should not be copied in the maplist.txt, if you wish to add these maps to your server it should look like this:

XP1_001 ConquestLarge0 1
Xp1_002 ConquestLarge0 1
XP1_003 ConquestLarge0 1
XP1_004 ConquestLarge0 1

Full changelog can be found here:

Note: is currently updating all servers world wide and your server will be updated between 11 AM and 7 PM on Tuesday December 13th. We are updating tens of thousands of game servers with a full update including new content and this causes for slower deployment speeds than expected. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Dice will release patch R13 to fix a number of issues with the R12 server. R12 made large 64 slot servers crash twice an hour on average. Another fix includes a fix for textures on Back to Karkand maps.

Update 19:15: We are updating all servers to release R14. R14 fixes a number of crash issues. The R14 patch is now also available for installation through the control panel. We apologize for the delay in patching today.

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