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MRV Communications is a global provider in converged packet and optical solutions.

MRV & is renowned for its expertise in scaling capacity on a global scale. MRV helps to support continued growth in network traffic while streamlining service delivery and management. Throughout the installation, MRV worked closely with to plan and build a foundation that will facilitate future growth. The OptiDriver platform allows us to rapidly increase backbone capacity in 10GbE increments which we use to serve colocation customers, dedicated servers, cloud services and web hosting. This will allow us to effortlessly increase bandwidth as we need it, making scalability simple, cost-effective and manageable.

i3DGaining competitive advantage with MRV’s OptiDriver

The OptiDriver platform offers a small form factor and the industry’s highest density and power efficiency per 10GbE service. The solution integrates industry-leading testing and provisioning tools that enable simultaneous full-line testing of 80 channels. As a result, this unique feature will enable to activate new services faster, easily increase capacity to 100GbE and beyond, reduce operational expenses and eliminate the need for external costly test equipment.

About MRV Communications

MRV Communications is a global provider in converged packet and optical solutions that empower the optical edge and network integration services for leading communications service providers. For more than two decades, the most demanding service providers, Fortune 1000 companies and governments worldwide have trusted MRV to provide best-in-class solutions and services for their mission-critical networks. We help our customers overcome the challenge of orchestrating the ever-increasing need for capacity while improving service delivery and lowering network costs for critical applications such as cloud connectivity, high-capacity business services, mobile backhaul and data center connectivity. & MRV case study

MRV Communications and have written a case study on’s optical transport platform and network architecture. This case study can be viewed by downloading it here: Case Study by MRV (English).