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Kingston has grown to be the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products.

Kingston &

Since the start of's endeavours in 2002, Kingston's memory products have been an essential part of the continuously increasing number of dedicated servers that we manage across the globe. With Kingstons assistance, we have been able to maximize server performance and reduce DRAM failures by 50%. A broad range of 30,000 customers make use of our online infrastructure services and managed hosting solutions. Those clients include brand-name game companies that leverage high-performance servers. All told,'s game servers allow 1,000,000 gamers to play their favorite titles daily. Additionally,'s enterprise customers use hosted servers to run applications with high-availability and high-capacity requirements.

The Need for Speed with Kingston

For gaming customers, performance translates into game servers that minimize lag times. That's particularly important for twitch-game (first-person shooter) titles that rely upon prompt screen refreshes to deliver a satisfactory, multi-player game user experience. With the release of new games and gaming platforms like Xbox® and PlayStation®, our engineers have to continuously raise the bar on server capabilities. Previously, these loads stressed out our servers. But since we upgraded them with Kingston memory and SSD's we have been able to double the number of gaming instances.

More Virtualization with Kingston RAM

To support corporate virtualization requirements, it was necessary to upgrade servers to the maximum memory capacity we could support. To meet this need, Kingston specialists recommended the largest capacity memory modules the company provides. Working with Kingston allows us to customize our server configurations as needed to meet our customers' requirements. That way we are able to offer a tailored solution portfolio versus a one-size-fits all. And that has been very attractive to our customers. Case Study

Kingston and have written a case study on increasing server performance. This case study can be viewed by downloading it here: Case Study by Kingston (English).