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Juniper is a multinational corporation that offers high performance network solutions.

Juniper & provides capacity to enterprise game publishers on a global scale, where latency, performance, and security -especially limiting attacks at scale- are critical. A single game can use thousands of servers worldwide, with some highly demanding users. Juniper's security solutions reduced significantly the impact of DDoS attacks. Because the Juniper solution is virtual and easily upgradeable, it is ideal to deploy in locations which are not easy to import equipment and rapidly adapt the security environment. Security by Juniper wanted to find a way to deploy and manage sophisticated firewalls rapidly at any of its sites, without shipping dedicated hardware to the location. deployed Juniper Networks vSRX Virtual Firewall to deliver a complete and integrated virtual security solution that includes core firewall, robust networking, advanced security services at Layers 4-7, and automated life cycle management capabilities. It also installed Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, which uses real-time information from the cloud to provide malware protection and defend against sophisticated cyber crimes such as advanced persistent threats and ransomware. Juniper Sky ATP provides an extra layer of protection on top of antivirus and antispam tools, extending its defense beyond traditional security solutions by detecting never before-seen malware attachments and stopping them before they hit their target.'s implementation of Juniper's services has already deployed Juniper’s security solutions in Brazil, China, Dubai, Japan, The Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States, and as a result it has significantly reduced the impact of attacks. Attacks are still seen coming at its servers but effective attacks are down by approximately 98 percent. is currently deploying Juniper’s virtual security solution in every location where it offers gaming services, and plans to offer the solution inside the same data centers to other clients who provide gaming services. Case Study

Juniper and have written a case study on the decrease of DDoS attack by using Juniper's SkyATP and vSRX. This case study can be viewed by downloading it here: Case Study by Juniper (English).