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Managed Hosting at

  • Experts in scaling!
  • Brocade and Microsoft certified specialists
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Vertical ownership: data center, network, servers and software
  • Up to 99.999% SLA
  • Cross-platform, world-wide single portal
  • Experts in fast scale-up capacity
  • CDSA audited on Content Protection & Security
  • ISO/IEC 27001 audited datacenters

Managed Hosting at

Managed hosting services at allow our customers for entry at all levels of a centrally managed IT environment. Whether this means subscribing to data center services, hardware management, virtual environment, operating system or application layer, next backup services, security updates, or monitoring services, it is entirely up to you! provides all the necessary managed hosting expertise to alleviate the customer of the burden of IT management. Our customers can free up resources and truly focus on their core business!

We provide a scalable platform to grow and decommission infrastructure on-demand. With over 8,250 in 24 datacenters world-wide, is able to scale out to enormous capacity.

Mission-Critical Solutions's managed hosting services are suitable for enterprise customers demanding the highest levels of performance, security and availability of their business-critical applications and data. is also the place to be for small and medium-sized businesses traditionally looking for a cost-effective, scalable hosting platform. In addition to managed hosting services, offers cloud hosting, or a hybrid service, for securing mission-critical data together with a scalable hosting platform for web services.

Worldwide Locations

Our global reach provides our customers with maximum flexibility. All data centers employ the best available local networks and pre-selected global transit providers for optimized connectivity, minimized latency and systemic redundancy. Primary locations include: United States (California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia), Canada (Toronto), United Kingdom (London), the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Heerlen), France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Moscow), Brazil (São Paulo), Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Sydney), China (Hong Kong), Singapore and South Africa (Johannesburg).

Managed Hosting Performance offers 99.99% uptime guarantees on its managed hosting covering hardware, power, and network devices (including firewalls, load-balancing equipment, routers and switches), and even 100% global uptime guarantees in High Availability clusters, so that your ability to transmit and receive data is maximized at every point of presence controlled by We take full responsibility for repairing or replacing hardware components and servers at no cost to you, generally within 1 hour of malfunctioning.


Our network Operation Centers (NOCs) are located in the US and Europe and provide continuous monitoring of your entire managed hosting infrastructure supporting your deployed server base. Our devices and connections, from individual game servers and clients up to the global network level, are constantly scanned for optimized performance. uses a combination of proprietary and industry-standard software to track service availability, resource usage and player usage / capacity. We also deploy a control panel which was developed in-house and enables us to monitor transits up to the last connecting ISP, checking latencies and package loss. This allows us to detect and fix any issues in real time.

Getting started

Contact our account managers at the sales & support desk to start the technical intake and receive a customized quote for our managed services!