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Fiber to the Office Benefits:

  • FTTO does not have to suffer from bad climate, electricity, magnetic and wave interference.
  • Always-on, stable, continuous signal
  • Zero packet loss
  • 99,99% SLA with two paths
  • Easily upgrade the bandwidth without investing in a new cable or equipment
  • Download and upload speed are equal Fiber to the Office

Fiber to the Office is the perfect way to get modern and future-proof fiber connections from our datacenter to your office. These connections have got the highest capacity and speed to go along with it. These specifications are what make them perfect for bundling different types of traffic (like data, phone and video). offers you a highly reliable and secure connection. Your fiber connection is insensitive to outside factors and can transport your data over a long distance without any loss of speed.

With Fiber to the Office you will take your first step into the future. You and your employees will experience the ease and speed of working online. This will boost your efficiency and professionalize your entire company.

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