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The Advantages

  • 100% green and durable energy
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Metered power (per kWh)
  • Expert remote Hands support 24x7
  • Secure rackspace in 24x7 guarded SmartDC operated facilities
  • Secure access cards and on-site scanners
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 services
  • IP addresses with data uplinks
  • Option for remote customer infrastructure monitoring
  • Remote hands on site 7 days a week
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Access to vending machines for datacenter cables, supplies

Full Service supports the installation of your data center. We understand, like no other, that migrating your servers is an intricate operation. We therefore have a dedicated team of engineers available who can assist you with the migration.

Our special storage method optimizes moving conditions. This way, has already completed dozens of successful migration projects.

We offer a unique service which guarantees a problem-free installation of your data center. tailors all hosting solutions to the specific needs of its customers. Our colocation solutions range from single-unit rackspaces to secured racks, and even cages and suites. We can facilitate and ease the growth of our customers’ IT environments at's proprietary data center: SmartDC.

Please contact our sales & support desk for more information.

Racking & Cabling tailors all hosting solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our colocation solutions range from a single unit rackspace to secured racks, and even cages and private suites. We can facilitate any and all growth within our client's IT environment at's proprietary datacenter, SmartDC.

Data center installation: the colocation options:

  • Single units (1U)
  • Quarter rack (10U)
  • Half rack (20U)
  • Private Rack (46U)
  • Private Cage (8 racks or more)
  • Private Suite

Remote Hands

After the successful installation of your data center, your servers will be in safe hands. Our data centers are operated by trained and certified staff. A 24/7 security team and a separate 24/7 team of data-center agents are available on-site. offers quick response times and a guaranteed 24/7/365 data-center SLA for mission-critical hosting, which allows priority access to our data-center infrastructure management services. offers:
  • Remote Smart-Hands
  • Hardware installation
  • Software installation and management
  • Hardware maintenance
  • On-site support for engineers, sales reps and visitors
  • Logistic support: shipping, track and trace
  • Tape and hard-disk replacement and maintenance
  • Inventory management


Did you complete the installation of your data center? Then your next step should be to monitor power usage and to carefully manage and protect your servers. We asked Schleifenbauer, market leader in Power Distribution Units, to provide a clear and accurate insight into our power usage. The smart PDUs were custom built for and support up to a power usage of up to 32A. All of our racks are equipped with these smart PDUs which capture the essence in three simple services:
  • Measuring
  • Managing
  • Protecting

Measuring is important to get a clear insight into our power-usage, which can then be attributed to the actual users. The greater the density, the better the quality of the data. That is why our PDUs are able to measure power usage on the outlet level. In order to enable perfect management, the PDU has to distribute the power to the different outlets in a responsible way and support all known types of outlets. The possibility to switch off specific outlets enables remote management. The electrical infrastructure requires considerable investments. It is therefore essential to choose the right fuses and breakers. All our fuses are tailor made, so we can guarantee perfect safety in using our products!

Getting started

Would you like to recieve additional information about data center installation at Please contact our account managers at the sales & support desk to discuss the technical details and receive a customized quote today!