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16 data center locations

We own and operate over 10,000 servers in 16 data center locations across six continents. Our data center locations include the following cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, Moscow, Washington DC, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Johannesburg. These locations are connected by our own network.

Enterprise-level hardware

Red Cloud is built using the hardware of the highest quality.

Dell Poweredge R730

Dell Compellent

10 Gbit uplinks

Kingston SSD


Brocade VDX

Windows Azure Pack

Red Cloud is an enterprise cloud that is built with Windows Azure Pack, the local-hosted version of Microsoft Azure. This high-performance cloud is hosted in our own data centers and we offer you the possibility to choose in which of our 16 data center locations your critical data is stored and where your company’s environment will run.

Low latency network

We own and operate a 435 Gigabit intercontinental network. This global network provides a scalable platform for a flexible roll-out of our services, which allows us to rapidly increase capacity. We are experts in scaling capacity both on local- and global scale.

Hybrid cloud compatible

    Red Cloud is fully compatible with hybrid Cloud solutions. This enables you to connect independent components of your IT environment (e.g. on-premise, bare metal and colocated hardware) with one another to run applications where they perform best.


Stability is key. Red Cloud is not susceptible for failure of individual hardware components and uses active-active configurations.

VPN tunneling

    Red Cloud allows you to use VPN tunneling. You can for example use this functionality to connect your cloud-environment with your office-environment. It also allows you use your own IP addresses in combination with Red Cloud. This functionality is built into Red Cloud, which means you can use it from the start.

Immediately available

Your virtual machine will be available within 5 minutes after finishing your order. This way you can start using your virtual machine within minutes.

Simple dashboard

    Take control over your VM using the sophisticated Red Cloud dashboard. With this dashboard you can take care of business easily without having to contact our helpdesk.


We can provide you with two simple, yet advanced, backup solutions: FTP- and software backup. Our online backup solutions ensure data safety and alleviate the stress of safeguarding your digitally-stored critical information. Technical insight is not required for using our online backup services.

Fiber to the Office

    Red Cloud provides a solid and secure cloud environment in which we are able to provide companies with the best fiber-to-the-office solution as well as allowing the best and most stable connection to one of our data centers and thus your company’s cloud.

Microsoft COSN Partner

We are one of the thirteen Dutch COSN partners. This partner program consists globally out of eighty service providers that offer hybrid cloud solutions based on Microsoft technology. We are the only Dutch COSN partner with a global hybrid cloud proposition