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The Red Cloud dashboard let you take complete control over your cloud environment. It allows you to manage your VM in a sophisticated way. With this dashboard you can take care of business easily without having to contact our helpdesk.


Use the Red Cloud dashboard to simply in- or decrease your VM resources. This works fully automated and is without any data loss.


Do you want to start over or would you like to try running another OS? No problem. This is fixed with some simple clicks.

DNS Management

You can easily customize the revers DNS settings for your IP addresses.

Real-time statistics

The Red Cloud dashboard provides real-time insight into CPU-, RAM- and network activity.

Website configuration

You can edit everything that is important for your website. For instance, you can choose between various versions of a programming language, add an SSL certificate, or add your own domain name.

Web instances

You can set the number of webservers over which the website will be divided. For example, with two instances, the website will be load balanced across two webservers.

User Management

You can create multiple co-administrators by setting the appropriate privileges to your account. Co-administrators can fully manage services within a subscription.