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Enterprise VPS
Enterprise VPS is the cloud solution for enterprises. Your website and data is hosted by our Red Cloud servers and we make sure that everything runs smoothly. The big difference between regular hosting and enterprise VPS is that, with enterprise VPS, your content runs on a dedicated cloud platform. This dedicated cloud platform allows you to easily in- and decrease the server capacity, which makes enterprise VPS in a very flexible hosting solution. Your content is hosted on a secure dedicated partition of multiple of our servers, independent from other parties. This way you benefit from your own dedicated hosting environment and your own operating system, reducing the chance of server downtime.

Enterprise VPS is a great solution

One of the greatest advantages is that enterprise VPS feels like you own a dedicated server, while in fact it is part of a much greater physical server environment. Enterprise VPS is therefore a great solution for both enterprises and small businesses for who control and flexibility is very important. With enterprise VPS you can even run multiple sites on one server. Your VPS is installed within our highly sophisticated server environment which is compiled of high quality Dell hardware. Enterprise VPS offers you the freedom to adjust the server to your own specifications and simultaneously benefit from our services such as server management, monitoring, updates and back-ups. We offer solution oriented services for your organization; a reliably platform without you being responsible for maintenance and security issues.

Choose your enterprise VPS solution

We offer the best performance and stability. Our experts have all the knowledge to prevent problems from happening and fix any problem that might occur. These are just some reasons why more and more companies, from small businesses to enterprises, choose for enterprise VPS in our Red Cloud instead of traditional hosting solutions. Red Cloud runs on our newest generation of servers with the newest Intel Xeon CPUs and all hardware is connected with multiple 10Gbit uplinks.

We are a managed-hosting provider from The Netherlands and one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the Benelux. We offer reliable and high quality services for customers in all branches such as governmental departments, education, health care, sports, gaming, e-commerce, hosting and print-media. Do you want to find out more about our services? Please contact us today.

Microsoft COSN Partner is one of the thirteen Dutch COSN partners. This partner program consists globally out of eighty service providers that offer hybrid cloud solutions based on Microsoft technology. We are the only Dutch COSN partner with a global hybrid cloud proposition. This partner program comes highly recommended and is considered to be a standard in hybrid-cloud services due to Microsofts strict selection process. Red Cloud is fully compatible with hybrid Cloud solutions. This enables companies to connect independent components of their IT environment (e.g. on-premise, bare metal and colocated hardware) with one another to run applications where they perform best.