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  • Member of Dutch Hosting Provider Association
  • CDSA Certified on Content Protection & Security
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified datacenters
  • Brocade certified on highest levels
  • RIPE certified
  • Xbox Live certified
  • Microsoft Partner

Certification is a member of the Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA), a Microsoft partner and CDSA, ISO/IEC 27001, Brocade, RIPE and Xbox Live certified. We are committed to continually improving our services by complying with secure, high-quality procedures.

The goal of CDSA is to secure intellectual property in all areas of business operations.
The Content Delivery & Security Association developed the first, independent and impartial certification system of international standards, collectively referred to as CDSA's Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs (APCP).

With the support of the worldwide entertainment and media industries, CDSA provided APCP certification for hundreds of websites on six continents. APCP provides the only industry-driven program recognized by governments all over the world. CDSA is committed to protecting the safety and integrity of your intellectual property.

The CPS standard has been updated in order to deal with new risks and improve user-friendliness. Its most recent revision has taken effect on April 1st, 2013. The standard continues to contribute significantly to the development of effective safety checks in the areas of e.g. content and customer data security. These are especially targeting the security of digital media and the application of efficient security checks in information technology (IT).

Download the CDSA certificate of compliance that has been awared to
- CDSA Certificate

Read more about the CDSA program:
- CDSA Audit & Certification
Microsoft COSN
The Microsoft COSN program consists of a select number of service providers that offer hybrid cloud solutions based on Microsoft technology. is the only Dutch COSN partner with a global hybrid cloud proposition. This partner program comes highly recommended and is considered to be a standard in hybrid-cloud services due to Microsofts strict selection process.

For more information about Microsofts Cloud OS Network program visit:
- Cloud OS Network Partner page
The DHPA represents the interests of leading Dutch hosting providers is a member of the Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA), an association representing the interests of the leading Dutch hosting providers. meets the guidelines of the DHPA code of conduct, which contributes to reliable and secure service delivery and to the fulfillment of our responsibilities to society and our staff. applies the 'Notice and Takedown' code of conduct for reports about illegal content, with which we protect the interests of legitimate content owners and contribute to the suppression of unlawful content on our platforms and in society.

For more information:
- Notice and Takedown