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Brocade is a top supplier of advanced networking equipment.

Brocade &

While continued to grow over the years, the demand for a highly scalable networking architecture grew along with us. This is why adopted Brocade’s high-performance network architecture in 2009. Brocade allows us to scale our expanding global network. Their technology provides scalability as well as excellent stability - two of's main objectives. Scalability by Brocade

In 2009, wanted 10 Gbps Ethernet with high-port density along with a flexible chassis that would allow us to scale, Brocade offered a future-proof platform which has proven its value. Nowadays, 10 Gbps Ethernet is a standard, and we are looking to scale to 100 Gbps Ethernet due to our increasing demand for capacity. Our routers need to possess the ability to move from 10 Gbps Ethernet to 100 Gbps Ethernet. Scalability is one of's main goals. It is impossible to scale if your hardware won't let you. The partnership with Brocade allowed us to increase our network capacity from 30 Gbps in 2009 to 200+ Gbps in 2012 to a staggering 335 Gbps in 2014.'s implementation of Brocade’s high-performance hardware operates a best-in-class network with direct peering with more than 1000 ISPs worldwide. Every rack connects to Brocade VDX® Data Center Switches. Brocade MLXe-X Series routers are the networks’ backbone, Netiron MLXe-M series routers are used for the edge routing and Brocade NetIron® XMR Series routers handle our Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Brocade NetIron® CER Series routers are utilized at smaller locations. The MLXe platform provides multiple advantages. The platform allows us to plug in (Netiron) XMR or (Brocade) MLX blades. The chassis supports 100 Gbps Ethernet natively and MLXe is backward compatible. Case Study

Brocade and have written a case study on's network architecture. This case study can be viewed by downloading it here: Case Study by Brocade (English).