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Big Data at

Big Data clusters

  • Big Data-as-a-Service
  • Instant scalability of hardware platform
  • Add value to your existing data
  • Extensive BI-tool connectivity
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Gear up in hours, not days or weeks!
  • Enterprise-level Service and Support offers specific Big Data legal expertise, especially in the area of data privacy. In collaboration with KPMG, offers the entire legal spectrum related to Big Data processing as a service package.

Big Data

Big-Data methods allow for greater insight into large amounts of structured and unstructured data from both within and outside the organization. Big Data aims to add value to traditional data-processing technologies. Big Data analysis software provides the platform and tools to identify seamless information and database correlations that are of direct value to our customers. This provides our partners with immediate added value. Big Data objectives can be compared to those of sustainability programs in many respects: both maximize the added value of available resources by optimizing their mutual correlations and dependencies.

In many aspects Big Data objectives are similar to those of sustainability programs: maximize the benefits from available resources by optimizing the correlations and dependencies between them.


In collaboration with KPMG, helps organizations anticipate the growth in data processing, availability and most importantly, value, based on historical and forward trends. KPMG Advisory assists in determining strategic opportunities and developing new products and services, or even a renewed business model, to strengthen your position in the market. offers a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, technical consultants and experts in the field of IT governance, business-process management and legal matters. and Big Data provides Hadoop Big-Data nodes on its dynamically scalable server clusters. This means that Hadoop solutions are feasible for practically any business. Of course, its flexibility and analytic power require professional resources and a cost-effective approach. That is why the scale-out method is the ideal alternative to on-premise Hadoop solutions or cloud-based services by e.g. Amazon. Deployment through our bare metal scale-out method allows for rapid development of any use case in a Proof-of-Concept environment (PoC). PoCs are usually the result of an agile development process, such as scrum. In collaboration with KPMG, is able to provide any form of support throughout (parts of) this process, including project management and support of PhD-level teams of data scientists with a professional CERN background. offers fully-managed Big Data solutions, a point of contact, clear and detailed SLAs and the security of the shortest possible time-to-market.

Proof of Concepts

The best way to get started with Big Data is by identifying potential high level business cases. Every organization has them., together with KPMG, can help to identify them. Deployment via our bare metal scale-out method allows for rapid development of these cases in a Proof of Concept environment. Proof of Concepts usually follow an agile process like scrum. Together with KPMG we can provide any level of assistance during the process, including project management and the support of a team of PhD level scientist with a professional history at CERN.

Increase your Market Value

Would you like to know more about increasing the value of existing resources and how Big Data can contribute to this? Please contact our Big Data specialists by email: or phone: +31 (0)10 850 11 07.