That ONE™ perfect mix

Key to the success of the ONE™ platform is the combination of high performance and cost efficiency.

Publish date: August 14, 2019

‘One platform to rule them all’ is the slogan used to introduce ONE™. Through a series of interviews and blog posts, you will get to know all the ins and outs of the ONE™ platform.This is part three on ONE™, read part one and two.

The ONE™ platform combines the power of our global infrastucture with our service and in-house developed game hosting software. The unique multi-cloud scaling software, allows you to burst to various public cloud providers, fully automated and in a heartbeat. Deploy your games on a global privately owned network focused on ultra-low latency and security. Roll out patches without player impact and manage your global player capacity all in one dashboard. All these features are focused on giving game publishers the best performance and cost efficiency possible. 

The bare metal way 

When you talk about performance, the cloud can’t beat’s bare metal servers. Our global network of dedicated servers is specially built for games and their player base focused on ultra-low latency. The price, compared to cloud providers, is also significantly lower.

Pros bare metal

  • Better Performance 
  • Lower cost  
  • Low network latency

As bare metal was the way to go for a long time, games and their player base are growing and so is the interested in cloud solutions. The downside of bare metal is that you can run out of capacity when your game is performing better than expected.

Within the cloud high peaks are covered because of instant scalability. For the certainty of not running out of capacity, publishers are willing to pay a much higher price.

Pros Cloud

  • Instantly scalable
  • Only pay what you need
  • No need to estimate amount of players

As game publishers soon found out the cloud can be full as well, forcing them into long term contracts (vendor lock-in) for an even higher price, making it a solution with more costs and the same risks.

That ONE™ perfect mix

Key to the success of the ONE™ platform is the combination of high performance and cost efficiency. The multi-cloud scaling software allows you to personalize your mix between’s privately owned bare metal servers and public cloud providers, to create the best gaming experience for your player base and be cost efficient at the same time.

The ONE™ smart-auto-scaling software continuously determines if your bare metal is utilized to its max or to burst usage to one or more cloud providers of your choice.

Take control into your own hands

The ONE™ platform combines a user-friendly interface with an API-based software system. Giving you full control over our bare metal, your own servers, and all cloud providers within one environment.

Some of the ONE™ software features are; 

1. One Dashboard
Within the dashboard you have a bird’s-eye view of your games and hosting specifications. From here, you can drill down as deep as you like.    

2. Multi-cloud Scalability
Our in-house developed software allows you to deploy on both bare metal and public cloud instances. 

3. Instantly Scalable
Burst player peaks to one or more cloud providers, fully automated and in a heartbeat.    

4. No-impact Patching
Our patch management system enables you to securely phase out old versions and replace them with new ones without player impact.

5. Rapid Global Deployment
Let us assist you in deploying to upcoming geo-markets; we are already present there. You determine your perfect mix between bare metal servers and cloud instances.    

6. Performance Guaranteed has over 15 years of experience in hosting triple-A games on a global scale.


Seeing is believing

Take a look at this video where we take you through some of the features. Would you like to experience the features and abilities of our ONE™ platform at first hand? Then request a demo.

Read more about ONE™ here: ONE™ Platform 
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